Promotion Ideas to Boost Your Black Friday Sales 13Apr

Promotion Ideas to Boost Your Black Friday Sales

1. Offer Black Friday Sweepstakes on Social Media

Get people in the Black Friday spirit by offering sweepstakes through Social Media. Attempt a tool like Woobox, which can help you to create coupons, contests, sweepstakes and quiz for your social web sites.

You can use instant layouts to make the sweepstakes and have customers give information in return to an opportunity to win. For instance, to enter the sweepstakes, request that Facebook fans give their email addresses or telephone number. It`s a win-win. You add their number to your contact list and the customer enters to win.

Tools like Woobox also enable you with the opportunity to encourage or expect people to Like your Facebook page with the end goal to take part in the sweepstakes, in case you`re additionally hoping to build a your fan base.

Make sure to promote your sweepstakes by sending an email or instant message to current customers with a connection to your Facebook page, and promote it on your social channels. Use a free and simple image creation tool such as Canva for creating an Instagram and Pinterest specific photographs to promote your sweepstakes.

2. Create Mystery Campaigns

Entice your customers to shop at your store on Black Friday by giving each paying customer a mystery surprise. For instance, customers spending on Black Friday will bring home a mystery gift like a free pair of earrings or a gift voucher to use at your store on a later date. Promote your campaign through email, social and content.

You can also use a tool like Scratch-It to make and send interactive limits that customers need to uncover by carefully "scratching" their screens. It resembles messaging your customers a Black Friday scratch-off coupon. The customer "scratches" the coupon to uncover a discount of 10, 15 or 20 percent.

3. Start an In-Store Scavenger Hunt

Get creative with your Black Friday advertising and create a scavenger chase for your customers. Give customers object, a menu item, or a short rundown of things to spot in your store. Have customers take an image with their telephone and show it to the cashier for a discount. You can also make a series of clues that lead customers to a concealed spot where a bowl of coupons sits.

Anyway you choose to do it, make it straightforward and genuinely short. It`s an inventive strategy to inspire customers to look through all of the sides of your store, however in the event that it`s too long they`ll lose intrigue.

4. Have a `Follow the Footprints` Sale

Intending to discount specific products on Black Friday? Lead your customer’s right to the deals by having some footprints stickers on your floor. Let your customers on Social media and by means of email to come into your shop and pursue the footprints to locate the hottest deals.

There are organizations that design and make floor illustrations like footprints, or you can arrange them from a limited time showcasing organization. You can put an inventive turn on this thought as well. Run a pet store? Utilize paw print stickers.

5. Send Offers and Sneak Peaks to Your Loyal Customers

Each business ought to use some type of a loyalty program hopefully one that tracks customer behavior and includes messaging tools such as email, instant message, as well as mobile app notifications. This enables you to obtain and keep loyal customers, as well as send your loyalty program participants messages like unique Black Friday offers. These messages and rewards emphasize the advantage of being a part and a loyal customer.

Use Black Friday to send targeted messages only for registered members. These should incorporate advantages like Black Friday sneak peaks, extra discounts, or early bird shopping.

Advertise in-store and online that a few (or all) of your Black Friday offers will be for loyalty program members and the one who haven`t joined should ASAP to get exclusive deals.