Pros and Cons of Mobile POS Systems for Small Businesses 13Apr

Pros and Cons of Mobile POS Systems for Small Businesses

Pros of Mobile POS

There are many benefits switching to mPOS which are realized by increasing in number of cafes, coffee shops, local retailers, and food carts.

Provide a convenient point-of-sale transaction:

Ordering, paying and receiving food is easier than ever for your customers. Employees can breeze through punching in order options and modifications with the help of an intuitive touch screen interface. The mPOS accepts payment and allows easy rewards disbursement, tipping, and electronic receipts.

Enable your staff to make more sales:

With the help of mPOS terminal your employees are no longer tied to the register. At restaurants, wait staff can process cards instantly tableside rather than taking extra time to turn over a table. In retail shops, customers can purchase anywhere in the store, sales reps giving them the opportunity to find customers on the verge of making a purchase and helping them go through it.

Track customers in a database:

Mobile POS gives you the technology to track customers based on an associated card so that every time customer comes in, their loyalty progress is automatically applied. Customer has no need to give their email or loyalty card as the database does it all.

Apply rewards seamlessly:

Customers have no need to remember about reward and prompt you to apply it. POS interface at checkout shows whether customers have an available reward and you can ask your customer to apply. Customers will appreciate the proactivity.

Implement gift cards:

Gift cards help to grow your brand as your mPOS capable of accepting them. Gift cards help to attract new customers and excellent experience keep them coming back.

Cons of Mobile POS

There are a few downsides of mPOS, so it’s important to consider challenges and be sure that you can work around them. Having a right mPOS system will work for your needs.


Mobile POS involves a monthly subscription by some of the providers and also initial setup costs if your location isn’t already outfitted with tablets for accepting payments. You have no need to buy huge, bulky dedicated POS terminals as tablets can handle everything seamlessly.


There’s always some concern while accepting payments from customers with their personal information. It’s vital for a better research while choosing an mPOS solution and be certain that your vendor handles your customers’ information with grace.

Need for connectivity:

It’s important to have a good internet connection as mPOS operates in the cloud. Small businesses are focusing on internet connectivity as a vital part of their operations due to free Wi-Fi expected by customers.

Reliance on tech support:

Small businesses don’t have IT people to handle if your mPOS crashes in the middle of your peak hour. There is a chance of losing valuable sales as you can’t accept their card payments. Seek out mPOS provider who can offer tech support during your business hours as a part of package.

Mobile POS systems are not one-size-fits-all, so choose the level of mPOS system that fits your business. EPOS Direct provides the best mPOS system for the SMEs which can really benefit from the change.