Retailers In UK Demand For Clear Guidelines Over Queuing Of Customers 13Apr

Retailers In UK Demand For Clear Guidelines Over Queuing Of Customers

The governments’ guidelines, which was issued in recent time, asked businesses managers to co-operate and work with local authorities to manage open spaces, but stopped explaining who should guarantee the guidelines are followed.

Many sectors have raised concerns that large crowd may gather on pavements, making a dangerous situation for themselves and staff.

Since the lockdown started on March 23, only grocery stores, banks, convenient stores and pharmacies have been permitted to stay open. While there have been lines, they`ve been viewed as manageable by the staff present. But, with the re-opening of all non-essential stores, retailers are anticipating a lot bigger queues which are likely to form on high streets with limited space.

The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy has encouraged retailers to use barriers and staff to make sure queues don`t "cause a risk to people or other organizations". It also recommended working with local authorities and close by retailers to agree on queuing practices. The government has even raised the possibility of staggering opening times to "help decrease demand on transport at busy hours and avoid overcrowding".

Retailers have also been urged to use "available and safe" regions, for example, vehicle parking’s for outside queuing. Organizations believe the logistics will be hard to manage in real time.

Accordingly, the British Retail Consortium has expressed that it is working with the government and local authorities to establish clear plans on managing parking spaces once shops start to re-open.

The issue encompassing queuing practices leaves retailers required to find some kind of harmony between encouraging foot traffic and setting up "COVID-secure" spaces which ensure the health and security of staff and customers the same.

In absence of extra government advice around queuing, retailers will be required to work with close by businesses to create safe practices. For more counsel on the best way to securely re-ope your retail business you can see for more guidelines.