Set Up Your Barcode Scanner in 3 Easy Steps 13Apr

Set Up Your Barcode Scanner in 3 Easy Steps

Step 1: Setting Up Your Barcode Scanner Hardware

To begin with, there are a few options for scanners dependent on how they will be used. EPOS Direct supports about a wide range of barcode scanners like CCD scanners/LED scanners, laser scanners, and omnidirectional barcode scanners, just to give some examples. You can learn more and get familiar with the 6 Types of POS Scanners.

You`ll need to begin by following to the set up instructions. Before you can begin scanning things, ensure it`s connected with your iPad, or computer terminal.

Step 2: Input UPC and SKU`s

Presently it`s an ideal time to set up the barcode scanners to be checked into the register. If you have things that already have UPC names, you`ll need to choose the thing from your rundown and enter the UPC into the best possible field. For stock that does not have UPC`s, utilize the SKU number. These are automatically generated for everything. Then print labels for your products.

Step 3: Begin Scanning

After you have set up your hardware, and made your UPC`s and SKU`s, you are prepared to start scanning. Pick up and hold the barcode to the scanner and press the scan button.

Since you`ve set up your scanner, make certain to gain proficiency with its huge advantages. Here are the8 ways your business could benefit from a barcode scanner. Additionally, ensure your employees are trained on how to use it appropriately. Contact EPOS Direct for more information about POS software, just as barcode scanner hardware.