Shoppers Warned About Sunday Opening Hours on Christmas Eve 13Apr

Shoppers Warned About Sunday Opening Hours on Christmas Eve

It is expected that shops are likely to be more crowded with long queues than usual in many places across UK. Retailers to open shops as late as 11am and close as early as 4pm.

According to the Center for Retail Research, smaller stores with premises less than 3000sq ft may be the saving grace for last minute Christmas shoppers, as laws on Sunday trading hours are not applicable for them.

The Center for Retail Research also predicts the spending amount on Christmas Eve would surpass £105 million. Around 1.5 million shoppers expected to give convenience stores and garages a sales boost with last-minute food and gifts purchases.

In mean time, online retail giants such as Amazon, and high street stalwarts Debenhams and John Lewis are set to launch New Year internet sales on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, offering discounts up to 66% forecast.

“More small shops than ever will open on Christmas Day,” Center for Retail Research director Professor Joshua Bamfield said.

More number of small shops than ever will be opened on Christmas Day. For convenience stores, it’s a superb day and love every Sunday to be like Christmas Day, with all the big shops closed.