Should your Restaurant become vegan? 13Apr

Should your Restaurant become vegan?

Stand out from the crowd

Offering vegan options will give you the ability to differentiate your restaurant from the rest as many restaurants will not provide vegan options. This will give you the opportunity to lure customers into your restaurant as your restaurant will be one of the only restaurants to cater for the dietary requirements of vegans. This will enable your restaurant to become busier, which will lead to your sales rising.

Customer Loyalty

Vegans will have a limited choice of restaurants due to the lack of vegan options. This means that if you offer vegan options and they enjoy your food, they are likely to become loyal customers and repeat purchase. This will give you the opportunity to build a large base of loyal customers, which will enable your sales to dramatically rise. Worried about losing customers? Offering vegan options will allow you to increase your customer retention as you will have a limited number of restaurants who are able to compete with you.

Good Ethics

As a restaurateur, one of the biggest criticisms you will receive is about the healthiness of your food and the amount of salt and fat your meals will contain. However, offering vegan options will enable you to combat this criticism as it will give you the opportunity to provide your customers with healthier options. This is because vegan options are usually low in saturated fats and salt. This will enable you to increase the ethics of your restaurant as it will display to your customers that you care about their health. This will be recognised by the customers and will lead to them to choose your restaurant over your competitors. This will give you the ability to lure in a higher traffic of customers which will increase the competitiveness of your restaurant.

Keep everyone happy

As a restaurateur, you will never want to have to tell a customer that you cannot satisfy their needs. Offering vegan options will ensure you that you can cater for a wider range of your customer’s needs and wants. Once customers find out that you are able to cater for their dietary requirements, they will want to eat at your restaurant which will increase the traffic of customers that your restaurant receives. This will enable you to lure in a wider range of audiences, which will maximise your sales. Vegan options will keep a smile on your customer’s face as you will be able to cater for all of their needs.

Make your restaurant as well known

As a restaurateur, your aim will be to get your restaurant established and well known. Offering vegan options will help you achieve this as it is unique for a restaurant to cater for vegans which means that you will attract a lot of attention from the local media. This could cause the media to write articles about your restaurant and post images of your restaurant in the newspaper and online. This will increase the brand awareness of your restaurant as more people will see your restaurant and will know more about your restaurant. This will lead to the public wanting to visit your restaurant and try your vegan options which will lead to your restaurant becoming busy. This will enable your restaurant to become established and successful as your sales will rise. Is it time for your restaurant to ditch meat?