Stay ahead of your competitors with your retail EPOS system 13Apr

Stay ahead of your competitors with your retail EPOS system

The retail EPOS systems help your inventory and facilitate transactions with the customers and vendors. It mechanizes your purchase orders to maintain a record of employee working hours and wages apart from this you can have a detail track record of inventory stock, profit and loss margins. You can even have the track of top selling items, can sell and redeem gift cards and loyalty plans. Items can be scanned with a barcode scanner. You can also print your own barcodes for items which don’t come with their own barcodes. There is a need to maintain the stock levels as per the customer’s choice. Increase sales through customer demands and also from seasonal and promotional activities. Reduce wastage and improve compliance. Get data on demand from branches and Head Office based on real time reports. An important feature of the retail EPOS system, as it comes with all in one capability of scaling. It may be a single till one branch store or a business with multiple branches with any number of tills. It has the ability to integrate any application or hardware peripherals. There are various models for various retails. Select the type of EPOS according to your business. You also have various accessories that comes with the EPOS system.