The Average Basket Price Of Groceries Jumps By 5% 13Apr

The Average Basket Price Of Groceries Jumps By 5%

A new data from Mysupermarket’s monthly grocery sales tracker, there is an increase of 5% to £86.77 in March of the most popular 35 items, way above the ONS’s 2.3% general inflation figure for the month.

This was up from the average 3% year-on-year increase and was driven up by items like mushrooms and kitchen towels, rising 42% and 27% respectively.

An overall increase in price of 19 items seen between February and March, nearly double the 10 items that fell. A further 6 items stayed the same price over the period.

“Although March’s basket only cost 1% more than February’s, it is over £4 more expensive than the same basket of goods this time last year,” MySupermarket chief executive Gilad Simhony said.

“We’re seeing retailers respond to rising costs of manufacturing by absorbing the increased cost to keep prices lower for shoppers in some instances. However, the recently introduced sugar tax may push prices up for categories such as squash drink, cola and fruit juice.”

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