Transform Your EPOS With Latest Technology Trends 13Apr

Transform Your EPOS With Latest Technology Trends

Mobile wallets

Mobile wallets, that empower customers to pay using their mobile phone rather than cash or card, are no longer new. Most mobile providers presently have their own product, however with technology improving constantly and use is just set to develop. For one thing, amalgamating payment and loyalty cards into one App is helpful as it eliminates the number of cards customers need to bear; payments are quick, simple and secure what`s more, can be connected effectively to loyalty schemes, enabling customers take advantage of the best offers. Not all POS systems accept mobile payments, however it might be advantageous considering a system that does, as it brings flexibility and opens up another channel for customers to pay in the way they need.

Cloud based POS

Cloud based POS systems are on the increase and all things considered. Rather than storing all your data on a closed internal system, everything is put away in the cloud and can be accessed from anyplace you have access to internet, giving you greater control over your business. This can be profitable if you have one premises, but even more so if that you have multiple, as all systems are updated regularly and in the same time, which not just increases security, but also minimizes down time because of system support. Having everything put away in one place opens up more prominent possibilities for integrating, as cloud based POS systems can possibly have potential to manage more territories of your business than before.

Data collection and analytics

POS systems don`t simply process payments they gather data, loads of data. What`s more, as technology improves so do the information collection and analytics abilities. In addition payment details and strategy, POS systems can collect tax information, track stock levels and collate customer details. Furthermore, if you combine this data collected with a cloud POS system, it is even easier to collate, compare and monitor your whole business, using results to make strategic decisions and plan for future. Used appropriately, data collection and analytics can greatly increase your sales and levels of customer service.

On-demand purchasing

Customers would prefer not to wait, they need everything now and, consequently, EPOS software that enables on-demand purchases is increasingly well known. For example, store specific payment applications enable customers to buy food or goods in advance, so when they arrive in store, their purchase is prepared and waiting for them – no more queueing throughout the morning coffee. Having tablets and different devices available for customers to use also enables them to pay there and after that when browsing or look into information for themselves, in store.

Rise of Bluetooth

Bluetooth is starting to take off in a major manner, particularly since Apple evacuated the earphone jack from their telephones and constrained Apple customers to get energetic about it. Taking payments over Bluetooth is quick, secure and expels the need to depend on Wi-Fi you can continue functioning when the internet is moderate or non-existent.

Mobile POS

One of the biggest evolving trends right now is flexible, mobile POS systems, as EPOS mobile. Customers never again need to hold up in lines to pay, and with mobile POS systems, they don`t need to – payment can come to them. Having staff equipped with tablets with payment devices means they have all that they need in their hands, decreasing the time to payment and open door for customers to alter their minds. While walking around on the shop floor, they can look into product information, confirm stock, find answers to customer questions or take payment. Epos Direct is amazingly flexible, so as well as being mobile, your EPOS system can be set-up as a static till or a self-service kiosk. This brings the online element of shopping into the store, enabling your customers to shop as they need, regardless of whether it is by interacting with staff or self-seeking and finding information for themselves.

Conclusion: By implementing the latest technology trends they will empower you to do the best for you and your customers, the above are the most recent trends.