What Are The Advantages of All-In-One EPOS Software 13Apr

What Are The Advantages of All-In-One EPOS Software

EPOS software can be implemented at till points, on tablets, PCs and kiosks, and can be designed to be staffed or self-service. There are additionally advantages of using EPOS software for your business:

Improved Security

EPOS can help improve security in two different ways: firstly card payments and transactions can be completely secure by using end to end subscription and preventing customer fraud and data theft. Besides, EPOS software can track each transaction, giving businesses and staff a higher level of accountability than a traditional epos system.

Stock Control

Epos software can be completely customizable to your needs, and it is possible to create a system which is integrated with stock management; the new stock is added to the system and enables staff to quickly see what is available without wasting time to physically looking. The system can be updated when sales are made, making stock management simple and more significantly more accurate than when done physically.

Customer Growth

EPOS software can go through customer’s emails to build customer loyalty and growth. The data captured from the email can be used to make a database and offer targeted messages and discounts.


With EPOS software being customizable, each feature you use can be modified. For instance in cafes, selecting hot cocoa would then be able to give you more options, for example, size and extra items like cream. As it very well may be customized, the staff using the software getter a better experience, adjusting it to be streamlined and efficiently, which in turn will profit the customer.

Lower Cost

It might appear that EPOS systems are a higher cost than systems that have various components and different software, but the long term cost of an epos system and software is lower. This is because of a single vendor being responsible for maintenance and receiving support from one supplier saves money. This also saves money and time with regards to customizing the system for your needs, as modification just needs be carried out in one place instead of on several components.