What Are The Advantages of EPOS Systems For Franchises 13Apr

What Are The Advantages of EPOS Systems For Franchises

From the franchisee`s opportunity to manage with their own site, while having the help of a `parent` company, to the ability to run multiple branches from a centralised position and see the business develop, there is a real sense of community and team work within franchise organisations. With the rise of advanced EPOS management systems, franchises have seen the technology make unmistakable differences to their operations, allowing streamlined services and increased customer engagement. So how about we take a look at some of the ways in which franchises are using the leaps being made in POS technology and why they are doing as such.

Simplification and Uniformity

One of the greatest challenges that business owners face when they choose to franchise their business, is having a solid, steady infrastructure set up.

From IT systems to staff payroll to procedures, it`s essential to have these all clear for the franchisees, with the goal that everyone is on the same page and knows exactly what to do in a given circumstance. As well as being able to offer this consistency of practice, an EPOS system can also improve procedures, streamlining operations and allowing more effective use of time.

Multi-Site Management

Franchises are, by their very nature, dispersed organizations with many sites under one brand.

With branches often spread over a wide geographical area, it can be hard for the owner to know what`s going on at their sites. With Epos Direct, for instance, there is the Enterprise Multi-Site Management software, which allows the customer to follow a diversity of elements, from sales reports to managing menus and costs to stock management. This is invaluable to franchise owners, as they can be able to take an overall look at their various branches, from one central system.

Sales and Customer Engagement

The magic words for any business owner.Increasing sales and increasing customer loyalty and engagement are the top priorities for any franchise business.

EPOS system providers, like Epos Direct, use sales management and customer management tools. This enables the customer to track their sales in real time and stay up with the latest financial situation across multiple sites. In addition give they manage customer relations, by means of aspects, such as customer loyalty and offers. All through a customer relationship management module that allows them to examine information about customers at different locations and spotlight more on delivering high quality service and adding the value of their experience.