What Are The Benefits Of E-Commerce And Epos System Integration 02Nov
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What Are The Benefits Of E-Commerce And Epos System Integration

For customers who have online and offline stores, EPOS integration plays a significant role for many reasons.

Integrating your retail epos system and Ecommerce website means having one holistic view of your customers and business. Stock, orders, discounts, images — these and more sync, offering your customers a seamless omnichannel shopping experience and your team a 360-degree perspective on your business performance and customer journey.

Here is a more in-depth look at some of the specific advantages:

1. Sell in multiple places at the same time

Remember, the objective is to be where your customers are. You physically cannot be in multiple places at one time, but your online business POS integration can. By integrating your in-store and online channels into one POS, you will acquire a holistic view of your customers and business without the stress of adding up numbers physically.

2. See real-time stock and avoid over-selling

Any business owner or ecommerce manager knows how crucial it is to streamline your inventory management.

Having a direct line of sight to your stock, you would not worry about over-selling items and cutting your customers' orders. It is especially significant for operating a buy online-pickup in-store (BOPIS) or click-and-collect model. Customers need to realize that the item they order for pick up at your store will be readily available.

3. No longer manually input data

Integrating an ecommerce epos system saves you from manually inputting data. Having the option to manage your product data in one place you no need to update can be a value adds. Assuming the POS syncs order information from online orders, that is also one less place where you need to reconcile data.

Not only does this save you a headache, but also a part of the time. It is time you can now invest elsewhere in your business.

4. Offer cross-channel promotions and discounts

Many ecommerce platforms make it simple to enable promotions within their system, but POS system integration makes it a step further.

Never again do you need to decide between applying all of your promotions to either online or offline channels.

Add a layer of personalisation and customisation to your store by enabling promotions with your POS system.

5. Learn more about customers and leverage that information

Like most technologies you can integrate into your business, they can help you glean a lot of knowledge about your customers.

Ecommerce POS system integrations are the same. By integrating your POS, you have clear insights into customer sales behaviour. It can thus further improve your customer relationship management (CRM).

Having all your customer data in one place means you can see customer behaviour on both channels, allowing you to make tailored recommendations and market to them effectively.

When choosing which POS solution is appropriate for your business, ensure you understand how data and insights are shared with you.

6. Improve the customer experience

Connecting your epos system to your online store makes a seamless experience for your customers. You're allowing them to pay in multiple ways because of POS, making online ordering seamless and integrating marketing initiatives like loyalty programs.

This integrated solution will increase consumer loyalty and address business needs continuously.