What Are The Benefits Of Using A Fully Integrated Epos System 13Apr

What Are The Benefits Of Using A Fully Integrated Epos System

Today, you`ll find a variety of retail EPOS software available in the market but not all of them offer the value of a system that works absolutely in sync with your back-office accounting software.

We`ve featured some of the typical benefits of using a completely integrated epos system.

What Can A Fully Integrated Epos System Do For Your Data?

Deliver Access to Live Data

The single, most attractive advantage of an integrated EPOS system is, obviously, having live data access at the point of customer contact. You have no need to question the information you are receiving or worry that everything has been updated. Your data is totally updated and accurate, guaranteeing your counter staff have access the data they need when they need it.

This includes real time access to:

  • • Customer balances
  • • Customer credit limits
  • • Inventory data
  • • Pricing
  • • Customer price lists
  • • Stock maintenance
  • • Barcoding

Provide Valuable Sales and Stock Information

Your integrated electronic point of sale can provide you with important sales data enabling you to focus your attention on productive lines improve your demand forecasting and limit stock.

Detailed sales reports give you a bird’s eye view about your business – including which products are selling and which aren`t – allowing you to make more informed decisions. It is easy to track profitability by terminal, by product and by department. This kind of data helps you to improve scheduling, operational efficiency and profit.

It will also assist you with discovering which marketing activities work? What are your peak selling hours? Do you have to increase staff during those times? Can you streamline your opening hours to increase revenue?

For system control inventory management, you can use predefined system measures to guarantee you are operating at the optimal stock level. This will lessen your stock holding, make sure more efficient stock turn and better use of provider lead times while also allowing for better management of your revenue.

One Database to Maintain

With an integrated EPOS system, you are just working from, and keeping up, a single database. By having all contacts and stock data in a single place, your data is more secure, reliable and updated ensuring consistency over your business. More importantly, this seamless shared source of knowledge empowers front facing staff with the accurate data at the right time.

Your integrated EPOS software can also be used across multiple stores with effective distribution control to enable stock levels at each store to be updated.

A Single Vendor to Partner With

Frequently, many businesses use an epos system that is made up of a mix of both hardware and software from different vendors. For business owners, this can be the reason for much heartache, particularly when issues arise and one vendor claims the issue is because of another company`s product. At times, a few systems are simply just incompatible, leading to slower running times and large disappointment.

A completely integrated EPOS system from a single vendor can lead to better information and improved resulting in huge cost and time savings. Software and hardware are compatible to work with each other.

Working with a single vendor can also limit your total cost of ownership when all maintenance and support goes through one supplier. If issues do arise, they are resolved more quickly and frustration levels are impressively less. At the point when updates need to happen, they are easier to implement, resulting in less time spent by managers on IT issues.

Better Customer Service

To make good judgment, your customer facing staff needs the best data. Choosing an integrated EPOS system gives your staff access to real time customer and stock data. Having a user friendly interface configured that can suit the specific needs of your front line staff, you can easily accelerate the transaction process, improve accuracy and ultimately makes it easy for your customers and do business with you.

When you know your customer and what they are buying, you can create meaningful campaigns that target the exact audience with the right incentives.