What Are The Simple Ways Your Retail Store Can Compete With Amazon 13Apr

What Are The Simple Ways Your Retail Store Can Compete With Amazon

Face it. Most of us are purchasing products on Amazon, and a few of us are purchasing things on Amazon every single day.

And, it`s not simply things... music, movies and shopping experiences are being offered through the retail giant. If you have a brick and mortar store, how can you compete in an environment where the buyer values convenience, speed and doing it from their smart phones over shopping in store?

Bottom Line: Can your Retail Store Compete With Amazon?

The response is: some time. Surprisingly there are a few ways you can rise above the "Generation Now" culture to offer a shopping experience that levels and a few times even outperforms the "get-it-fast and cheap" culture of online retail.

1. Go Beyond the Brick and Mortar: Get an Online Store

- There`s only one thing you have which Amazon can`t, and that is a physical store. So you need to use that to your potential benefit by offering a shopping experience instead of a chore... more on that later.

- To start, there`s one crucial initial step to guarantee your store remains in the game with monsters like Amazon on the playing field: Start offering your items (at least some of them) in an online store.

- Before you quit reading and return to scrolling social media, relax: a good epos system and support team will help you easily transition your products to an online store.

The Easy Way to Set Up an Online Store

Work with a POS provider to transition your products to an online store in addition to your retail space, and you get the best of both worlds.

With an online store, you can offer your products online and increase the sales of your existing customer base, all whilst reaching new ones.

Speaking about online, when your store has a presence online you can begin focus easily targeting potential on social outlets like Facebook and Instagram. You can even make foot traffic by offering deals potential customers will see online via social media and mark them as "in-store only".

2. Offer an Experience

As you make a customer base that knows about you both online and in-store, there are many things you can take advantage of that will help your store to stay relevant by Amazon.

- Use customer data to inform your stock. With a good epos system, this takes minutes.

- Up your delivery game. A support team help walk you through ways to make this simple, even for a Mom and Pop business.

- Stay in touch with your customers over email and social networking. Epos integrations, sometimes even free ones, can enable you to create and maintain a conversation with your customers online and offline, so you can keep them engaged and returning for more.