What Are The Top Trends In Retail POS For 2020 13Apr

What Are The Top Trends In Retail POS For 2020

At Epos Direct we`ve seen 5 latest trends in retail EPOS systems for 2020 that will open up the retail market for all:

1. Going Mobile

Mobile tech covers a wide range of elements that can help retailers in many ways. It helps to improve customer service, the ability to show more stock and improved efficiency of customer groups. With a mobile POS your staff is free to manage customer queries from the till point – and can even use it for queue busting at busy times.

Mobile pay also becoming a wide spread mode of payment expected by the customer, which means retailers currently need to integrate mobile payment processing and accept contactless payments.

It offers your customers an advanced, on demand service and enables your retail staff to offer genuine customer convenience using a seamless omni channel experience.

2. Experiential shopping

The best way to draw customers in to your store. From in-store demos, to themed days with advice and product methods, workshops or film shows, to `influencer` visits, these all help to keep customers returning back rather simply shopping online.

The experience gives customers an additional reason for shopping in-store and builds a relationship with your brand. Also, encouraging customers to share their likes and experiences via social media is a great way to identify your customers to be your best brand ambassadors.

3. Business Insights

Using customer data more efficiently and effectively over all regions of the business allows you to successfully segment marketing and co-ordinate sales and promotions, based on customer’s interests and shopping preferences. Furthermore, with your retail POS integrated with your stock control system, you can also drill down into your business data to identify best performing products, helping with restocking and restocking from surplus or wastage.

4. Personalisation

Customers today demand a consistent experience over the store and each sales channel. There is also an exception for a more customized experience, which means that your data on customers` shopping behavior’s can help you with drawing in with them with loyalty programs.

A hyper-customized marketing approach can help with making another persona for your brand to move toward new customers while keeping up and increasing repeat sales.

5. Customer Loyalty programs

It also give you great opportunities to increase your sales by up-selling and cross selling. Instant satisfaction plays a great role in customer securing and retention. If you can join a customer and have the option to speak with them quickly you are bound to gain their loyalty. With exact customer data, you can make seasonal promotions, early bird and multi-buy discounts and preview events to pull in customers in-store.

Why Wait?

There`s no doubt that heading in to 2020, having a smart retail POS and EPOS system will become essential for organizations to offer customers a seamless experience. As the technology keeps on advancing, retail POS systems are getting more effective, secure and affordable for all retailers to improve their business tasks.