What Is A Card Machine And What Are Its Advantages? 09Jun
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What Is A Card Machine And What Are Its Advantages?

A card machine or POS system card reader is a machine which processes transactions from credit and debit cards. The machines have built-in technology that reads the debit or credit card and takes the required data to accept money in exchange for sale of goods or a service.

They're presently found in the majority of shops and businesses as most of the customers pay by card. Recently they have become significantly more integral to processing payments as a result of increased global hygiene and safety needs, where taking care of money isn't the best option.

Advantages of using card terminals

Customers are likely to spend more

When customers are paying via card, they're susceptible to spending more than when paying by cash. This is because those customers aren't restricted to how much amount that they presently have on them, so they can buy more merchandise when in store.

Research shows that in 2017, 85% of customer payments were spontaneous, so providing a card payment option can mean an increase in sales for your business.

Providing your customers more options

Every customer is unique and prefers paying for products in different ways, for this reason accepting card payments is a huge advantage for businesses, as it gives customers the option to pay how they like. People are using less cash and are using cards as their preferred payment method like never before now. Guarantee you're not pushing away business by giving your customers all of the payment options available.


Security is another significant factor for most customers, and taking card payments is definitely safer than accepting cash. This is the case for both the customer and your business; customers don't tend to feel happy carrying large amounts of cash and it's far safer for businesses not to have lots of cash on location complete day.

While there are some security issues that come up with card payments, if the business is compliant with guidelines, there is a safety net for the customer and the business to guarantee they are safeguarded against any threats.

Faster transactions

A card payment is a far quicker process than paying with cash. There's no need to find the right proportion of cash or count out the change, the right sum is paid directly from the card to the retailer, making it far more efficient. While paying by contactless, this process is accelerated even more.

Hygiene experience

Card payments, specifically contactless card payments are more hygiene than paying with and accepting payment with banknotes or coins. Contactless payments reduce the number of touch points between the customer and the merchant, and the card reader itself can be easily cleaned.