What is an EPOS System – A Guide 13Apr

What is an EPOS System – A Guide

How to safeguard against this fate? By equipping your business with payment solutions that can work for you, your customers and also a range of recent payment ways they`ll want to use. In short, you need an Electronic purpose of Sale (EPOS).

All in one epos system

How do EPOS Systems Work?

In short, the way you would like them to. EPOS systems are surprisingly versatile. The fundamental technology allows you to finalize sales and settle for all kinds of card and digital payment, all this needs is POS computer software and a card reader. EPOS systems additionally create moveable payment systems a breeze, with their technology able to be squeeze into pocket-sized hardware, run on smartphones or can also be loaded onto a laptop.

For large retailers like supermarkets, associate EPOS may be created to figure with barcode scanners, touchscreen input and weighing scales – all technology you’re guaranteed to have detected in your nearest self-check out. However EPOS technology isn’t only for the massive names and street giants, powerful technology is as simple as applicable to the smallest business. EPOS is concerning convenience and potency, regardless of however big or small your business may be.

How is EPOS System Different to Standard Cash Tills?

If you`re a cash-only business not nevertheless initiated into the world of EPOS, you run the terribly real risk of losing sales. With the typical Brit carrying no more than £22 in cash at any time, substantial purchases won’t be terribly forthcoming unless associate EPOS/card reader is, too. Not solely is that the cash-only approach incapacitating to your sales figures, it additionally offers the impression of your business being quaint.

So, how an EPOS system completely different to a standard cash till? Straightforward, one is that the past, the other is the future for your business.

Here are six key reasons you must get your business equipped with an EPOS system:

1. They don’t need to be expensive

That’s a reasonably sensible argument. Cash registers are low cost, need maintenance and wish to be constantly plugged in, in order that they do your utility bill no favors, either.

A good EPOS needs not more than your smartphone or iPad to run, may be connected with alternative EPOS hardware that runs wirelessly and solely needs charging at intervals - and, in our case, is totally free.

2. They’re quick

Cash is slow, you need to know this. Looking forward to customers to fish the proper quantity out from their purse, dealing with change, making sure to return the proper amount back. EPOS systems create it all digital. You pay by card or digital wallet – simply presses your phone or contactless card to the reader, or type in your PIN – and that’s it. The electronic POS system charges you the precise amount, no cash, no fuss and no human error which will find yourself with customers being short-changed. It’s quicker, fairer and for your small business, it’s a game-changer once it involves obtaining those sales through.

3. You don’t got to pay yearly maintenance or monthly fees

There are no user fees or membership prices. No user fees for membership card and contactless payments are low and options like worker management and client feedback are fully liberal to use.

4. You`ll use them to method new payment ways like contactless payments

Contactless cards, chip and PIN, Apple Pay, Android Pay, Samsung Pay, even magnetic stripe cards from overseas, combined with associated backup magnetic stripe card reader means that your EPOS can do way more than an old fashioned cash register ever might. Which implies you’ll even be creating way more sales.

5. They save Time and Money

EPOS systems are easy to learn, straightforward to use and do way more than they say on the tin. Plus, they run from your smartphone or till - EPOS watches, United Kingdom smartwatch owners are going to be happy to hear, are even an issue with being compatible with Apple Watch.

Here’s a quick rundown of some of the ways that our EPOS system could revolutionize your business, abate your prices and boost up your sales:

Faster checkout: Less workers required to man the tills equals lower overheads and happier customers

Accurate, real time inventory management: Our EPOS software tracks your stock, therefore you`ll reducing the chance of waste or stagnant product by continually being on prime of your stock

Improved client experience: Accept any means customers wish to pay, send them a digital receipt and have their purchase complete in seconds

More accurate pricing: You`ll save discounts, time of day deals and alternative offers inside our EPOS, therefore your workers can continually value things up properly at the until and customers continually get the deal they expect

Affordable integrations: You`ll take care of each side of your business from your EPOS. Better yet, it makes going omnichannel – the longer term of any triple-crown retail merchant – a breeze, even for the smallest business

Real-time sales analytics: Track sales by period or worker and get an unmatchable summary of what works best for your business, your customers and your sales figures

6. You`ll Integrate Them With Alternative Software Like Inventory And Accounting

Because EPOS is all digital, it’s quick, easy and completely seamless to integrate it with alternative software. Our App Marketplace is choked with useful further apps to allow you to create the foremost of your EPOS system. It’s not all concerning sales either, our app extras make sure the sleek running of your business at each flip. Xero offers you the choice to perform on-line accounting and integrates and all there and prepared to induce calculated in-app. Offering you increased analysis of your business, stock, inventory and ratio, with key facts and figures concerning the state of your inventory and profit prepared at any time.

An EPOS may be a hard cash that may create an enormous distinction to however simply and effectively you`ll succeed success in your business.