What is EPOS System London? 13Apr

What is EPOS System London?

You can consider EPOS systems as like smart tills. In addition to the fact that they make transactions faster and more seamless, however they also collect data on each and every sale and payment and sync it to a cloud-based office suite. With a cloud-based EPOS, you know exactly what`s going on in your business, any place you are in the world.

EPOS Software and Hardware

EPOS hardware consists of a touch screen monitor, cash drawer and a card reader. Depending upon the nature of your business, you may even use a smart barcode scanner or a receipt printer, which are basic needs of a business. You may also choose to use wireless hardware if your business operates on the move or you give your staff hand-held devices.

EPOS software can be used to run your store or restaurant. If you have an existing iPad you want to use, you can download EPOS software and use with your existing hardware or you can buy an entirely new system. The key is to use a vendor that allows your EPOS to work offline. That way, if your Wi-Fi is disconnected, you won`t lose your transaction data.

What`s Data Got To Do With It?

Thanks to the smart phone revolution and the rise of cloud computing, we`re currently creating more data than before. This is good news for small businesses, as data analytics have become more cheap and available. As a result restaurant and retailers would now be able to pick up insight into every part of their business. This allows business owners to improve their margins and tailor the buying experience to the customer.

In short big data help organizations to target on their products and advertising. At last, it makes them more money. However, those businesses need a system to collect, store, and translate that data so they can turn it into action. They also need to be able to sync the data they collect, with their existing accounting or scheduling software to lighten the burden of back office paper work. This is where EPOS systems come in.

EPOS systems allow you to store and access data from all areas of your business real time. If you possess a retail store, an EPOS system will track all your stock and help you with processing orders.

EPOS systems aren`t simply fancy tills. They posses many features to help your business to run smoothly and keep the cash flowing.

What For You Use An EPOS System?

EPOS systems can be used in all areas of your business. This is the same, if you may be running a small bar or a retail franchise. So far the best solution for modern businesses is proving to be the iPad POS system, which is flexible and portable, regardless of the needs of your business.

As computers are getting smaller and more portable, it is better to invest in hardware that your business won`t grow out of. The advantages of using an iPad POS system instead of a traditional POS system include:

Customer Record Management

Many EPOS systems have customer record management features that can attach purchases to customers. In this way, you`ll have records on who your best customers are and what they purchase in the palm of your hand. If you have access to send your customer emails, you would then be able to use the data stored on your EPOS to send targeted promotions and marketing materials, either on a small or large scale.

Many EPOS systems sync with other software’s for sending emails, which automates email marketing and makes the entire process faster and accurate.

Streamlined Service

An average UK customer will queue for 6 minutes, so you don`t have long to make a good impression. An iPad POS system makes you to accept multiple payments with seamless fast service reducing wait times, and keeping customers happy. Also, with a handheld POS, there`s no need for staff to pop up to the kitchen to check the availability of a menu item or leave the shop floor to go to the stock room. Staff can respond to customer questions quickly and efficiently on the move, freeing them up to handle other enquires at a time.


Your business needs to grow and fortunately iPad POS solutions are the best companions to help you with boosting your sales. As your operations expand, you may require more EPOS systems so your staff can address the issues of your customers. Fortunately, iPad POS systems are lightweight and affordable and they contain all the tools you have to grow your business.


Lastly, one of the basic reasons companies leave business in the UK is down to poor cash flow management. In this way, any road that saves your business cash should be explored. An iPad POS system is 33% less expensive than a traditional POS system, however it offers all the features of a touch screen terminal, exactly at a small price. The affordability of the system allows for your investment, fuelling further growth.

Choosing an EPOS solution for your business

Choosing from the heap of solutions on the EPOS market can be tricky. However, finding the correct technology is essential to supporting your business growth.

iPad POS systems will give all the insight and ease of use of a POS system, with the ability to scale your business flexibly.