What is the best EPOS system? 13Apr

What is the best EPOS system?

There are many retail EPOS system suppliers available in the market and choosing the right one for your business can be tough. This is the where Epos Direct can be helpful by listing down the features of EPOS systems for UK merchants.

Our systems provide the best solutions for various businesses and of all sizes. For each business we have designed the system as per their business needs.

Our EPOS systems are the best fit for your business as they can be tailored as per your business needs.

Much more than a till system, an EPOS system can help you in a number of ways, for example, by handling with card and cash transactions, offering flexible payment methods, tracking your stock and aiding communication between staff.

One in five payments in the UK were contactless transactions in 2018, as per the report by UK Finance.

The UK ranks as the third most cashless nation in the world, only eclipsed by Canada and Sweden and how aware of people are of alternate payment methods and of what smart phone payments ways are available.

Well popular with the retail and hospitality sectors and a few times referred to as an EPOS system, there are many companies offering such a product and service all with different features and price tags so picking the right one is important.

While looking for the right epos solution for your store, restaurant, bar or market stall might feel overwhelming.

We`ll provide you the factors to consider before purchasing a POS system, and look at the best EPOS systems in the UK. We`ll also have a detailed research about EPOS software, highlighting free and cheap packages you can use and delve into the hardware features.

We have listed below different kinds of POS systems features that will help you to choose the right system.

Important factors to consider before purchasing a POS system.

No matter the size of the business, a POS system will have complete features that will be able to considerably enhance both the everyday transactions of your in-house staff, as well as your long term planning and projections.

Each additional feature will probably come with an increased cost, along with the maintenance charges.

It`s ideal to have a good idea of what exactly your business needs are, now, immediate future, before you feel free to put in your order.
• Initial setup cost • Processing charges • Hardware costs/rental fees • Software/License fees • Support • PCI compliance • Alternative payment methods • Cloud storage options • Ability to track sales made by staff • Inventory management • Integration with third party software • Business size • Industry