What Is The Myth of “Free” Epos System? 13Apr

What Is The Myth of “Free” Epos System?

Rising brick and mortar businesses with a great ambition often get trapped.

An old cash register doesn`t generally cut it in the present retail world. Upgrading to the modern day epos system with easy to use epos software costs money. So the startup companies fall victim to the "free" POS solutions offered by a few providers.

There`s the rub: it is costly.

There`s nothing such as "free" POS. Free POS is really a credit, so it costs you more money at the end. Moreover, it`s a financial deal instead of a retail solution, so you can`t expect the technical support that is required for your business.

In brief, free POS may be cheaper up-front, but will cost your business in financial and practical terms over time.

So before signing an agreement, ask yourself: are you the sort of business person who leans toward quick fixes? Or are you developing a steady and future thinking business in which everything about?

Cost of "Free" POS Hardware and Software

Small and starting businesses that are on budget to buy an EPOS system outright are easy pickings for a "free" epos supplier.

A huge business who can swallow the cost, steps up to offer "free" POS software and offers it to the small company in return or monthly payments that may include interest around 20% APR or more. An annual APR is the annual rate charged for acquiring through an investment. So it`s not really "free" POS.

That is not a good loan: And, corrupt free POS suppliers will include a clause that allows them to hike those rates up at their discretion. This implies you`re not just beholden to an organization, you`re at their whim.

Also, a small entrepreneur, your idea is to upgrade your POS system to grow your business. However, choosing a free POS will significantly build your month to month cost, which would kill your growth and become another liability.

In mean time, if things go well, you`ll need to switch that free POS for a good deal. If the things go bad, you`ll need to dump everything together to cut your monthly cost. In either of the case, you`ll end up faced with an early termination which is not good for the business.

POS isn`t Just About Money
Economically, it makes sense to stay away "free" POS systems and put resources into your own POS with a decent supplier. But it`s not just about figures in your spreadsheet.

You didn`t persuade into business to be told how to get things done. Certainly, you`re available to advice, to learning, to shaking things up. But no one knows about your business like you.

Sign up with a free POS supplier and you can kiss a level of that independence farewell:
You`re immediately locked: a way for conducting a central element of your business client transactions the way in which your creditors deem appropriate.

Never get the opportunity to use your hardware in case if you have already paid for it. That should go in the wardrobe until your agreements up.

You don`t find a payments processor you go with. That is up to your "free" POS supplier.

If your payments processor is costly or doesn`t fit with the way in which you get things done, you`re locked to it by contract. It`ll cost you more to get out of it early than and set up with it.

What`s more, we should remember that your free POS supplier isn`t a tech company. It`s an finance company. Not only you locked to the hardware and software they give, however you will get very little in the way of useful support throughout the months and years that you`re compelled to use it.

A POS That Serves Your Business
So we`ve agreed that free POS is not a good business choice. It can help a cash strapped startup put POS on the counter however leaves them stranded with long haul bills and limited support and adaptability.

What`s the other option?
A reputable, service oriented POS provider will help you get up and running right away so you can make sales and track stock. They may even save you money over the long haul. They`ll also offer financing to make an efficient POS system affordable for businesses all things considered.

They`ll be there when you have a technical question, or need to get a greater amount of from your EPOS software.

They`ll help you consistently migrate data from your current system, stacking your product SKUs, customer data and more.

They`ll see that it is important to you that your POS keeps on running smoothly all the time.

And they will adapt to your requirements, offering custom-made solutions for the specific demands of your business or industry.

Looking for Affordable Point of Sale?
With Epos Direct, you find a good pace which payment processor you go with, and you can stick with your current processor if they`re working for you.

Whatever you choose, the most important thing is to choose a reliable and trustworthy organization. Always think long and hard time before locking your business in a long run before contract where you have next to no say over the terms and conditions. Particularly since there are adaptable, service oriented paid POS suppliers out there waiting on to help you with changing over those sales.