What Is The Need Of Epos Integration? 13Apr

What Is The Need Of Epos Integration?

An EPOS system is technology empowering a proficient record keeping system of the sale of goods or services to customers.

Electronic Point of Sale (EPOS) also called Point of Sale (POS) is the case when a transaction is undertaken and the customer makes payment to the vendor for the products or services that they give. Right now the vendor would get the receipt for the customer ready and the system would then work out how much is owed by the customer and offer them the relevant options for making payment. By and large this is the point at which the seller would then issue a receipt for the purchase.

Custom software and hardware customized for the retailers specific requirements can be used in a variety of retail situations. EPOS systems have many additional features that can give to cater for varying functionality, for example warehousing, stock management, financials and CRM.

A major reason for businesses taking up an EPOS system and the most evident is the doing away with traditional price tags on the products. All prices are rather associated to every item through the EPOS system and the cashiers simply need to scan the code on the product for the sale to be made. Also enabling you to make price changes to ranges, changes to stock or discount or loyalty offers a lot easier and efficient.

Why Integrate?

By integrating your site with an EPOS system, you are successfully opening up a new shop for your business. The link between your EPOS system and your site implies that changes made within the EPOS system, (for example, new products, price changes and stock fluctuations) are reflected in the site itself. This makes sure accuracy of data and automation of site management.