What to look for when buying the Best POS system for Retail? 13Apr

What to look for when buying the Best POS system for Retail?

At EPOS Direct, we know the importance of having a high quality POS system to fulfil the needs of your retail business. This will allow your Retail store to use the features of the POS system to operate more efficiently. This will lead to your retail business being able to offer a higher level of customer service and will ensure that all customer’s needs and wants are fulfilled. Here are a few of the aspects of your Retail business that you should consider when buying the best POS system for retail.

What you should consider


When you are looking to buy a POS system, you should ensure that the POS system will suitable for the size of your retail store. This is because if your store is large and has a high volume of customers, you should ensure that you havea sufficient number of terminals to deal with the demand of your customers. This will allow your retail store to have enough tills to cater for the high traffic of customers and will minimise the amount of time that customers will spend in queues. The short queues will satisfy the customer’s needs which will lead to them buying the products. This shows that it is essential that you have a sufficient number of tills because it will allow your sales to grow which will have a positive impact on your profit.

What features do you want?

At EPOS Direct, we will make sure that we fully understand all of your requirements before you purchase our POS system. This enables your system to cater for all of your store’s needs which will allow you to operate efficiently and offer a high level of customer. We recognise that not all retail businesses are the same and that our customers may require specific features to serve their customers. For example, if you wanted a customer loyalty scheme, you would have to purchase the customer loyalty module. This enables you to create loyalty schemes where you will be able to record the amount of times that a customer visits your store and will allow you to offer them a discounted price after they have reached a specified number of visits. This allows your store to encourage customer loyalty and repeat purchasing which will lead to your sales growing and your profit margin getting wider. EPOS Direct offers you many upgrades such as Barcode scanners which will increase the speed of your service. This shows that EPOS Direct will be able to provide your store with the best POS system for Retail.


EPOS systems can cost a substantial amount of money and can put a huge dent into your store’s budget. It is essential that you should ensure you can afford the EPOS system before you place an order. If you are on a limited budget, it is suggested that you only buy what you require so that you do not waste essential budget space on features that you will not utilise. This will help you keep costs to a minimum which will enable your profit to rise. At EPOS Direct, our systems are modular which gives you the ability to integrate any add ons at a later stage, this enables you to grow your till as your business grows.

Why EPOS Direct offer the Best POS system for Retail?

Automated Stock Control

At EPOS Direct, we recognise the struggles of you having to manually count your store’sstock on a daily basis. This is because with our retail POS system; the stock count will be automated. This is possible because each time a product is sold, it will be subtracted from the stock. This results in the stock being done for you at the end of the day which will save you time and will lead to your business running more effectively. Due to the stock control being automated, there is less chance of human error which will make the stock number more accurate. This will enable you to recognise any differences in stock which will reduce loss and will ensure that there is a profit made on each product. The POS system will notify you when stock of a product is running low which will allow your suppliers to be notified leading to them sending out an order. This is evidence that our system is the best POS system for retail because it will give you the opportunity to focus on more important issues in your business as the stock control will be completed for you.

Instore Management

When you purchase the EPOS Direct Retail package, you will be granted access to a wide range of management tools which will enable you to run your business more efficiently. The POS solution will allow your employees to sign into their own accounts on the system. This will enable you to see what time they are arriving at your store which will ensure that all employees are turning up when they are supposed to. The EPOS solution will allow you to view the amount of sales that each employee has made. This will allow you to see if the employees are meeting their targets and if they are upselling products to the customers. The EPOS system will give you the opportunity to manage your customers as you will be able to record their details and transaction history on the tills. This will allow you to offer customised promotions to the customer and will allow you to offer discounted prices or complimentary items after the customer has reached a set number of visits.


The best Point of sale for retail will record every sale that your business processes and will be placed into a sales report. This will enable you to analyse the sales of your business and will allow you to identify your successful products and your struggling products. This will give you the opportunity to focus your promotional efforts on the successful products of your business which will allow your sales to rise. The sales report will enable you to cut your costs as you will be able to discontinue any products which are struggling. The sales report will identify what periods of time are the busiest and what periods of time are the quietest. This will allow you to identify what times during the day you should offer deals to boost the sales of your store. It will give the owner the opportunity to identify areas to cut costs by closing earlier if your later hours are very quiet. Each till will have an individual sales report; this means that you will be able to identify any anomalies with till reports and what till the anomalies have been found in. This will allow the business owner to identify any missing money which will reduce the loss of your store. With our Retail EPOS system, you can accept a wide range of different payment methods which means that you will never have to decline a sale as you will be able to accept a wide range of cards.