What Upgrades Needed for Your Restaurant? 13Apr

What Upgrades Needed for Your Restaurant?

In the restaurant business, rising above the competition goes past the food. You could serve the best food on the block, but if your customer experience, or even your staff experience is suffering – your business is basically a ticking time bomb.

If you need your restaurant to rise above and continue to sustain, consider about integrating these three upgrades. What`s more, don`t, wait: your competition isn`t.

Online Ordering and Delivery

You may think online ordering and delivery could seriously affect your business model and throw your restaurant and kitchen staff for a circle. In these days, there are many tools available to make the change simple, and quite lucrative.

Apps bring seamless, cost effective online ordering to their customers. Integrating their solution with your epos is easy and allows restaurants to provide online ordering without retaining or going along the high costs related with other similar solutions. Delivery becomes possible and for the most part automated with integrations, which help extend your restaurant’s reach and customer base and grow your bottom line.

Customer Loyalty Program

The most successful restaurants and hospitality businesses have a customer loyalty program. What`s more, you don`t need to be a huge conglomerate to do it. Even your local mother and pop cafe has likely received a simple beverage punch-card that keeps customers returning back.

A restaurant without a customer loyalty program is making a major error. For instance, imagine new restaurant opens and gets overflowed with business, everybody wants to try it. In a couple of months... nobody is coming through the door. Each one of those people that tried the restaurant at its opening have officially forgotten it.

Had the restaurant in question opened with a loyalty program set up, they could have effectively collected customers` contact data to boost them to return with sales, special offers, new menu items, events, and so forth. And if they duffed on the opening with awful food or service, at least they could reach them or sent a survey to recognize what parts of the business they have to concentrate on or improve on in so as to get repeat business.

Kitchen Display System

One groundbreaking kitchen upgrade that can help with the items above AND a great deal more, is a Kitchen Display System (or KDS for short). If you need to improve your restaurant’s customer service and internal operations in a single fell swoop, KDS is your answer.

A KDS directly connects to your epos system, eliminating the hassle and wastage of the old ticket-printing systems, at the same time eliminating customer wait times and making streamlined communication from the front of the house to the kitchen staff.

The interconnected system will contact each part of your restaurant, from table booking and POS, to order preparing, course delivery and facilitating payment – all in a single go easy to-use system that instantly communicates orders (and table status) from the wait staff to the back of the house. Menu changes and even allergies are clearly high lightened and handed-off to kitchen staff making it simple for patrons and staff to accurately alarm kitchens of food limitations progressively, resulting in less food sent back to the kitchen and less waste impacting revenue.

Also, if you do upgrade to online ordering and delivery, a KDS enables your staff to effectively split orders on multiple displays.