Which Is The Best EPOS System In UK? 13Apr

Which Is The Best EPOS System In UK?

Fortunately, the modern day retailers have multiple tools available to them. One can have the software and hardware for each part of a retail business, from POS and inventory management to CRM and reporting. In addition, because of technology our tools are becoming more advanced and connected.

In any case, there is one important tool, important for any successful business. More than a till that you use at checkout, EPOS systems are a blend of everything mentioned above and more. EPOS systems are getting smarter, more connected and are affecting retail business than before.

So what is an EPOS system you may ask?

EPOS systems are incredibly versatile. It`s anything you need it to be. The technology of the system lets you finalize sales and accept cash, card and digital payments.

For large retailers like supermarkets, our EPOS system can be made to work with barcode scanners, touch screen monitors, loyalty schemes or stock management all tech you`re certain to have noticed in your nearest self-checkout. It also provides many advantages to the back office, such as, automated reporting, margin controls, training, security and even automated stock control.

How EPOS Are Different To Standard Cash Tills?

As per a report, UK customers carry no more close to £22 in cash at some time, large purchases over this figure will never happen unless EPOS/card per user is available. Not only is the cash only way crippling to your sales data, but also gives the impression your business is old fashioned.

An EPOS system is the future of any business.

Here are a few reasons you should get your business equipped with an EPOS system like.

1. Access your store data anywhere anytime

Break free from the counter, stockroom or office. Your reports are stored in cloud. Easily access your business, products and reports and have the latest data. We don`t depend on cloud technology and it`s important that Epos Direct is server based. We do this to mitigate the risk of disruption when internet goes down. We don`t want you to lose a sale. Also each single till runs autonomously so if a till goes down it doesn`t influence the entire system.

2. They`re Fast

As you know cash is slow. Trusting that customers to fish right amount from their wallet, dealing with change, trying to make sure you return the right change back. Epos systems make it digital. If you pay by card or digital wallet, press your phone or contactless card or type in your PIN. The EPOS system charges you the accurate amount, no cash, simple and no human error that may end up with customers being short changed. It`s quicker for your small business, it`s a game changer with regards to getting those sales through.

3. Grow And Scale Your Business With Ease

Totally remove the pain out from growing your retail business. It is fast and cheap to scale, so you can get set up and selling in no time and add new staff, registers, sales channels and locations. We constantly adding and further developing features, so your business remains at the front of retail without installation hassles or additional charges.

4. Customer Retention

The age of online shopping has seen the consumer getting increasing disloyal. EPOS systems encourage this in various ways in which to promote buying behaviors, keep customers returning and reward loyalty – much similarly large retailers do such as, introducing loyalty programs. Offering your customers branded loyalty cards or the chance to earn points and promotions will help you boost repeat customers. This is also introducing a prime opportunity to collect customer data for marketing purpose. You can also have the chance to improve customer engagement with better stock management that empowers staff to answer customer questions in seconds, also the queue cutting abilities. This guarantees customers never abandon a purchase.

5. We Save You Time and Money

We take pride in our ease of use. Our system is incredibly simple to adapt, simple to use and does far more what we can promote.

6. Best-In-Integrations

Since EPOS is all digital, it`s fast, simple and seamless to integrate it with other software. Our system is complete with full of helpful extra apps to let you benefit from your EPOS system. It`s not about sales either our app add-ons make sure the smooth running of your business. Xero gives you the option to perform online accounting and integrate so your numbers are all there and ready to get calculated in-app. providing you upgraded analysis of your business, stock, profit margin with key facts about the state of your stock and profit.