Why Mobile POS Is Good For Your Business? 13Apr

Why Mobile POS Is Good For Your Business?

Key Features

  • • Connect with the private cloud, open cloud, or both. Use cloud-based servers to give access to people in general cloud while sharing the information where local exchanges are going on.
  • • Integrate with Window-based devices, smart phones and other stationary terminals.
  • • Give customers the decision to email their receipts.
  • • Give data about an item or service to a customer when working on the sales floor.

Top Benefits

Convenience for Customers

For instance, some drive-thru food restaurants use them in their drive-through to keep the line moving faster. In retail, your business partners can look at customers in the aisles.

Decrease Human Error

For example, when a server takes an order tableside, the order is going in promptly rather than the server leaving the table and getting side tracked they make it to the terminal to remember the order.

Captures Data

Servers and sales associates can check without much of a stretch email messages and sign up people for the organizations` reward or loyalty program. It`s anything but difficult to ask when you are up close and personal with a customer. It`s additionally an additional customer benefit boost.

Knows Your Inventory

When working away at the floor, sales associate’s partners can check the stock room while never leaving the customer. Servers can get alarms on their smart phone when the kitchen is out of a specific menu thing.

It is safe to say that you are prepared to take the following stop toward figuring out how a Tablet POS could function for your restaurant or retail business ? Set up your online demo with EPOS Direct today.