Why You Need A Liquor Epos System? 12Jul
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Why You Need A Liquor Epos System?

The liquor store business is an enticing venture. Alcohol usage powers the happy hour that we know and love managing how the alcohol gets to the customer. Liquor storekeepers must have the right Liquor store epos system. Not installing the right epos system, liquor storekeepers can miss out on sales opportunities and get overwhelmed by stock.

While running a liquor store, you should keep a track record of your stock. Apart from guaranteeing that your customers are of the legal drinking age, you will also have to know the exact number of bottles and cases available in your store to serve your customers without going out of stock.

Consistently, present-day businesses may be big or small, are making necessary updates across departments to stay on top of the competition. A few things can be simple, such as replacing your cash register or changing the interior, but sometimes, you will be doubled, and your sales will rise.

Regardless of the size of your liquor store, with the right epos software, your store's efficiency will be multiplied as your sales numbers will increase.

The Following Are A Few Reasons Why You Need a Liquor Store POS System:

Epos software helps you improve the overall management of your business. Some notable advantages you will acquire when you opt for the epos systems for liquor stores are:

1. Better customer service

The epos system allows customers to capture and store essential data of the customers in their database. The Epos Direct Epos system allows you to store frequent customers' history data and tag them as VIP customers. Thus, this helps to reward your customers with VIP club pricing and helps the store with CRM for retaining a customer's history for a drawn-out period.

2. Easy age verification

Age verification is a significant task to deal that you're selling wine and spirits. A single mistake in age verification can lead to too many troubles for the business.

For instance, if you offer liquor to an underage customer, you may pay a hefty fine and even terminate your license.

Epos system comes with an ID Scanner that will immediately confirm the age of the customer and will also check the validation of their IDs.

3. Simple promotion customization

With the liquor store epos system, you can apply discounts or promotions to a single bottle or your complete stock. It also applies promotions and discounts effectively during checkout.

It will ultimately help serve your customers better and faster as you won't have to enter the codes manually.

Our epos software for liquor stores can easily direct which promotion/discount is relevant to which bottle or to which customer, even in a blend and match case.


4. Stock tracking

If you have one location or multi-locations, counting the number of liquor bottles can be difficult. The epos can track your complete inventory and update you with what's available in your stock, as it may be beer, wine, or any alcohol.

You can also set your epos system to automatically place an order for a specific item when it is running out of stock and optimize your stock levels. The order and inventory amounts are customisable.


5. Better staff performance

Having many employees in a single store can result in a security breach. Thus, the Epos system allocates a unique login ID and a pin/password to each staff member to log in to the system.

It will provide job roles and positions and restrict staff access by viewing the company's information and inventory.

6. Centralized Management of Profit and Sales reporting

In this 21st century, centralized management is the key to the success of any business if you have one location or multi-location operations. Complete access to sales and stock reporting will help proprietors analyze their business' profit and build a strategy for better results.

The Bottom Line for Liquor Store Managers

The right epos system for your liquor store can serve you with multiple advantages, but to make the most out of it, ensure that you choose the right one.

Some features to look for while choosing your liquor store epos system are:

    • • The security system of the product
    • • The ability to detect age and fake ID cards, and
    • • Advanced reporting features

While searching for epos software for liquor stores, keep an eye on the features mentioned to guarantee that your liquor store can benefit from the right features you require to grow your business.