You Need A Cloud Based Point of Sale System Due to 6 Reasons 13Apr

You Need A Cloud Based Point of Sale System Due to 6 Reasons

A lot of small businesses choose the mobility and simplicity of a cloud based POS system over traditional Windows based POS system when the cloud technology made its way into the world of epos systems due to the following reasons:

1. Cloud POS Mobility

One can get more mobility and flexibility using a cloud based POS system. It can be installed and run with the help of iPad and an iPhone. In your restaurant, customers can get the receipt through email or on mobile instantly when your wait staff takes credit card payments table side.

2. Less Downtime

In case of a traditional windows POS system when it is affected by a virus and the system get crashes and corrupted you expect some downtime until the IT staff from the POS vendor fixes the problem. Everything needs to be checked whether it is a software or hardware issue and with most issues involving a virus or data corruption, the whole set-up needs to be reinstalled. In such a case it is costly and time consuming process.

3. Business as Usual

Being online is very comfortable for any cloud based POS system. But in the best systems, work can be done in case of internet is down. Offline capabilities enable to carry out the transactions and sync the data when you get back to online.

4. Cost Effective

Traditional POS systems charge upfront for hardware and software licenses, and additional yearly maintenance fees for more upgrades. This is apart from the training and set-up to keep your system updated on any new security features.

Low monthly costs with no upfront fees in cloud based POS systems which come as SaaS models. Software updates are done automatically since the whole system is cloud based.

5. Robust Security

As the data is stored on cloud server, there is no need to worry about storage space, theft, accidents and calamities. The data is stored in multiple off-site servers that have 24/7 security and several layers of redundancy.

If a credit card is lost or stolen the incurred costs will be shouldered by the credit card providers such as Visa, Mastercard and Amex only in case of the latest POS system used by the merchants. So now it’s time now to switch from the old cash register or old legacy system.

6. Plays well with others

It is easy to integrate accounting software, gift cards, loyalty programs, rewards and other add-ons seamlessly with cloud based POS system. It has never been easier integrating POS system with a cloud based.

If you want the latest technology to run the business you can go with cloud computing. The data is stored securely off-site, software updates are simple and can access reports 24/7.