High-end & Cutting-edge Solutions with EPOS systems for Business

Anyone who wants to run a business is unambiguously clear that they need to invest. Breaking the bank is a must and it depends on the size of your business. What if we have a smart solution for our business out there with a fixed affordable one-time investment irrespective of the size of the business? Interesting!

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The smart solution and the sheer choice we are talking about is Electronic Point of Sale Software (EPOS)

What is EPOS?

EPOS systems are an electronic accessible format Point of sale which we operate online, and the information or data will be stored in the Cloud.

How does EPOS work?

EPOS SYSTEM is an integrated hardware and software peripheral that allows business overall management operations, inventory, stock, sales, payments, and much more. Some of the usual devices we have seen in our daily life are cash draws, customer display, dashboard, printers, barcode scanners, chips monitors, etc. Where the data is processed or entered through these devices will be supported or stored into a system as a whole by EPOS.

EPOS provides flexibility in retail and hospitality businesses, by handling payments through cash draws, easy price scan through barcode scanners, providing stock count, staff history accurately, enabling fast-tracking of sales and taxes, and much more.

Upgrade your business with Rich featured EPOS systems from EposDirect, the leading provider of Epos systems in the UK. If you aren’t sure how epos works for your business, let me brief it through "Epos systems for Takeaway"

Epos Direct UK, Epos systems for takeaway is the best ideal solution you can ever get to your business, observe this guide to know what all it can bring to your table.

Easy Order Processing:

Customers can easily make orders and will be more flexible to you to put all together for the next seamless menu management like as categories and items also easy to know the areas of customers.

Online/offline Orders:

Customers can easily place orders at their comfort online, as they can see your unlimited menu over mobile. Offline orders will be quickly and efficiently by reducing queue and waiting time.

Payments Easy:

Safe, fast, and secure payments with instant notifications, will win your customer's trust, also you can keep an eye on every order payment and yes that will never go wrong with epos.

Delivery Management:

Assignment of the location to delivery drivers will be so easy, and also they can take the nearest location first and prioritize their delivers accordingly.


You can keep a group of your existing customers and new customers and can ping your campaigns accordingly for better business sales reach, online presence, brand awareness and identity.


Customers can track their orders, this gives them great satisfaction on your takeaways, on the other hand it indicates the authenticity of your delivery services.

Quick Process:

Quick placing orders and automatic order updates to customers, instant notifications, tracking, easy payments, the flexible placing of the order based on the menu, easy pop-ups, make your customers happy Ordering from your take away, remember no customer wants to wait to eat!

Repeat Customers:

The experience, service, support, timely delivery, and the engagement environment over your takeaway are key factors to repeat your customers and to see the visible profitable business outcomes with Repeat sales.

Customizable Menu:

Maintaining order of categories as per your interest depending on the variety of food products you sell. This meets customers full engagement on your website.

Integrate to Your eCommerce:

By syncing your e-commerce website directly to your epos systems takeaway, now your business runs much more effortless and effective.

Sales & Financial Tracking:

You can monitor your food products pricings, stock, operations, promotions, discounts, coupons, deals what not entire margin managing will be possible with our epos systems for takeaway.

Benefits of EPOS Systems:

Increase Efficiency:

Uplifts the business by automating and centralizing the business processes, This one-platform is a stop solution for quick and easy operations for your business.

Streamline Business & Customer Relationships:

Epos Systems handles any kind of business, provides live updates, displays, orders, sales, staff, inventory, and much more. Helps in repeat sales and encourages customer healthy relationships with your business.

Saves Time and Money (long term):

Apparently saves time and money, epos systems are the smartest investment for any kind of business, be it retail or hospitality it assists the business in long term.

Catalogue & Inventory Management:

Unlimited stock accumulation supervises the flow of business with superior facilities for your business. Also, the inventory details of manufacturers, goods, and stock are maintained in a record in the cloud-based epos systems.

Overcome Epos Challenges with EPOS Direct EPOS systems:

Expensive EPOS:

Fully-featured, well-integrated, quality, and advanced feature EPOS systems are of high pricing everywhere but not in EPOS Direct UK, get your till systems at an affordable price range along with free tableside ordering, hence making it worth purchasing.

Regular Maintaining:

Epos Direct offers regular maintenance and services 24x7 support to the epos, updates, operations, installations, and Integrations. Overcome this difficulty with our epos systems.

Computer Illiteracy:

Some of you might not have pronounced knowledge of computers and software peripherals, maybe a computer illiterate, here you get the maximum support and free training from our team at every stage.

Irrelevant EPOS to Business:

Generic epos systems might not serve all the specific needs of your business, Epos Direct offers tailored/customized epos systems exactly related and relevant to your business.

Grab the award-winning epos systems from Epos Direct UK, to serve the needs, aspirations of your business and to bring successful outcomes!