Barker Shoes Makers for Over 135 Years Select EPOS Direct

Barker shoes are the oldest English tradition which has been for over 135 years is now one of the finest footwear factories in Europe. Only selected leathers are used in the making and the uppers are shaped by hand at the last. There are also many other traditional methods are employed which also includes slow natural drying and polishing. This is the main reason why Barker English shoes have a unique quality which can’t be matched by a machine.

Barker has been since 1880, making shoes in the Northamptonshire village of Earls Barton. In a world where everything is changing, it is always good to know you can still find perfection if you look at it.

Being the heart of the British Shoe Making Industry with a high wealth of experience in retail and having tried so many retail management systems, Barker shoes have now found a solution that is a perfect fit which can serve their business needs.

Having wide spread its business by having branches across London and Moscow. It has a large number of customers. It has both stores as well as online shopping options which are very well managed with the help of world’s favourite EPOS software. Barkers Shoes can now manage their client’s journey from in store through to global omnichannel with predictive ordering and more...

We can confidently boast a great success over the last 17 years of trading and how recently we have saved hundreds of thousands in costs for retailers and improved their sales and margins. No wonder retailers rely on us.

We are always helping our customers grow with the latest trends in retail sector, by constantly updating ourselves to serve you better.

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Meghna Restaurant has been serving celebrities for 11 years with EPOS Direct

A highly successful and established restaurant which attracts clients both locally and from far, it is a true hidden gem serving some of the finest and unique north Indian cuisine. A great hideaway for celebrities and if you’re lucky you will see someone famous tucked away enjoying the finest Indian food.
“The success of the restaurant has been contributed greatly by the EPOS product provided by EPOS direct…”
says Shailander the owner and mastermind behind the unique dishes.

Meghna Restaurant is one of thousands of long standing customers who have enjoyed successful growth with EPOS Direct.

EPOS Direct solutions are scalable and designed to grow with you and within your business budgets and all backed by our global support centre. You only get the best when you choose

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EPOS Direct has been the provider of the EPOS solution for 4 years running

The solution is robust and superfast to handle over 100,000 transactions simultaneously and over £2m of transactions going through EPOS weekly.

Only a proven and trusted model can survive a network of over 150 systems and multiple Mobile POS running with a connection to the Head Office for real-time reporting and making the whole experience enjoyable for visitors.

EPOS ensures the smooth replenishment of stocks from beers, to sausages triggering alerts to various departments and team members to stock items.

No shortages, No wastage, No customer disappointed just More Sales and More Profit with EPOS Direct.

So the next time you visit Winter Wonderland, think of our EPOS Direct at the heart of the Solution

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