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Award winning, world’s favourite EPOS APP for Back Office is brought to you by Epos Direct.  Our APP has built in modules to deal with large product ranges at any kind of businesses.

Back Office EPOS APP

Branch Management:

This function allows you to control what is displayed on your receipt including logos. Whilst there is many compliance related functions such as VAT and consumer information for returns etc, the branch management module gives you control of how to present yourself.


The staff module is crucial for you to enter who works and when, you can also define access rights through to entering hourly rates for payroll reporting and much more. For businesses that pay commissions for sales, the staff module will also capture sales done by staff and provide you with a report of commission by percentages through to rates.


Without a doubt the most advanced and most used part of the epos solution. The promotion module is feature rich allowing you to create various different levels of promotions and within date time limits. You can also re-run promotions from historic settings. The features are so much that we cannot list all of them however; the best way to look at this is that the system was designed by retailers and hospitality businesses therefore covering all aspects of promotions.

Inventory Management:

This is a key module, after all you have invested all your money into stocks and you want to know where it is and how it is performing. EPOS inventory control takes you to the next level, giving you the flexibility to manage, move and carry out quick stock takes at rapid speed and no cost. The inventory control is designed to prevent loss and track your products throughout its lifecycle.


The Eposdirect solution is certainly more than standard EPOS APP, the customer module takes you to the next level by creating customers, both account customers and loyalty programs. Extensive functions and configurations available to expand to enterprise level management of customer and customer service.


The ultimate dashboard to know what is happening. You have access to a wide range of reports, fromstatic to graphic reports with pie charts colour coded and much more. The entire lifecycle of your business is at the heart of the reporting solution.


back office EPOS APP is designed to help you get the most from your epos solution. The back office suite enables you to better manage your business process including staff management and customer management. Some of the key functions are to manage stock inventory and automated replenishment of stocks. The EPOS back office also provides you with an extensive reporting platform, giving you access to hundreds of different reports and all can be exported in many formats.


Here is a list of the 10 ways the EPOS APP can increase your profit margin:

  • Reliability with maintenance
  • Manage stock levels
  • Reduce manual costs
  • Saving time “time is the essence of money”
  • Manage staff timetable
  • Cost of customer acquisition
  • Manager VAT
  • Portable hardware&APP
  • Able to use it worldwide

Overal the EPOS solution makes retail a profitable business and reducing wastage.  

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