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Four in ten payments are now made by card

Till CounterRecent research carried out by ThisIsMoney recently found that four in ten payments are now made by card across Europe. Customers are increasingly preferring the ease of a simple chip and pin transaction or contactless payment to purchase goods and services.

Retailers with the competitive edge now integrate e-commerce with EPOS

E-commerce IntegrationAs e-commerce continues to grow. It is the retailers who are able to with an integrated e-commerce solution, who can really surge ahead.

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At the end of our financial year, 9735 customers picked EPOS Direct to be their EPOS solution provider.  This is a dramatic jump from the year before.  We continue to strive to be the best in our market with robust strong and modern solutions ranging from onsite based epos systems to cloud solutions.

4 Steps to a fruitful bank holiday weekend

Cafe restaurant foodAs the May Bank holiday weekend approaches, those in the retail and hospitality industry prepare for a busy period. Visitors will descend upon cafes, restaurants and shops in a bid to enjoy some time with family and friends.

In 4 steps you can be be sure they'll be beating a path to your door

Case Study - Meze

The owners of this small restaurant wanted to update their till and required fast transaction processing and a seamless sales process so they could focus on their food and their customers. They needed to be able to manage their stock as well as facilitate table service so they can concentrate on giving their customers the best experience.

Retail and Hospitality businesses gear up for an exciting new financial year


The beginning of April saw many small to medium sized businesses take stock of 2015/2016 and look to the future to see how their brand can develop and grow. Successful businesses are based on customer satisfaction. Repeat business is vital for any thriving business and shops, cafes and restaurants are scrambling to give customers that all important experience that will keep them returning.

With the right knowledge and intelligence on top selling products, fast service and by making the customer experience personal, the most successful businesses growing fast.