Compare EPOS System

Quality Epos Terminal Vs Cheap Epos Terminal

compare epos system

Practical Matters
Quality Epos Terminal
Cheap Epos Terminal
Grade Commercial Grade designed to deliver reliable performance Non Commercial grade designed with cheap components to keep the price low
Touch Screen Pure glass bezel free touchscreen, factory sealed to resist spills, dust and grease. Made to last. Standard Touch screen with bezel, prone to spills, dust and grease. Short Life time
CPU Fan-less cooling design to ensure silence as well as dust- and particulate-free operation Fan on design prone to dust and dirt can lead to internal components damages
Processor Intel Processor designed for optimal performance Low end processor compromising on performance
Design Compact and sleek with small foot print Normally bulky and takes a lot of counter space
Manufacturer Elo - A technology leader and original inventor of the touchscreen with over 400 patents with 40 Years of proven track record Some factory in China, you’ve never heard of
Origin United States of America Generally from China
Presence in UK Offices & Services centres in UK & Europe, Global presence Sold through 3rd Party importers and online market places like eBay, limited support
Lifetime Comes with manufacturers 3 years warranty which is extendable. General life time is 6+ years Generally one year warranty, life time 1- 3 years based on the quality of the parts.