Epos Systems for Convenience store

Convenience Store

Being a convenience store, much of your business is busy throughout the day. Our EPoS system will enable you to witness your profits escalate, using the features of product promotion, sales execution and stock management. Our EPoS solution enables you to execute sales, provide easy promotions and observe sales statistics, thus enhancing buying and reducing stock. EPOS APP understands the convenience store business thoroughly. Our modules are built to enable intelligent operations and easy product information integration with industry leading suppliers such as Booker, Nisa and Bestone. Features such as product promotions, customer loyalty and special offers, sales and product reports are built to give your business the competitive edge in the market.

EPoS Tills

Our high quality robust touch tills systems, enable you to set menus that can be costumed to your preferences which can also be managed in the back office. Another benefit brought forward is that the loading of new products or price and barcode changes takes place automatically during the day. Moreover, any sales which have been made are taken back for real time updating of total sales. As EPoS direct we are able to provide you with one of the leading products in the market, which is totally user friendly with a graphical display and fast transaction processing. Our Tills are power packed with the EPOS APP consisting of EPoS tools which will manage your service in an efficient and faster way, with no technical skills needed. Our Epos solutions provide you with the best user experience. We have successfully combined customisable touch screen front end with very dynamic back-end modules. Therefore you have the best of both worlds, a simple easy to use system in front of you and a dynamic industry leading back end powered by EPOS.

Key features

Main screen

Simple to read layout, consisting of required functions for your convenience store. This layout enables quick operation with less clicks, fast barcode scanning. Additional features such as product images can appear once scanned, allowing quick correspondence to the correct item.
User friendly interface that is simple to operate and seamlessly views multiple modules. Integrated to include data entry and payment processing options with various hardware terminals.

Touch Menus

These can be controlled and managed by the back office, allowing any changes during a day
The powerful EPOS back-end generates menu and module handling giving the end-user the flexibility to create the customised screen he wants.

Price Override

The change in stock or quantity may need to be inputted, where additional requests can be inputted letting the owner know of informed decisions.
Stock control is now easy and straightforward. Every time there is a delivery, sale or return the system automatically updates it real-time. This provides you with the relevant information at the right time.

Product Search

Don’t worry if your products don’t consist of barcodes or labels! Our EPoS solution will enable you to carry out another search request, with the results conveying as a list. This will enable you to select the product with the ‘touch’ function and carry out additional searches, thus enabling you to check availability of stock
Our integrated packages come with barcode scanners. Whilst this enables product queries with a simple label reference there are occasions where product searches must be done within the system. We have an intelligent and fast inbuilt search system which allows for multiple queries.

Product Analysis

With so much stock, it is hard to determine which one is selling the best or least. Our solution provides technical product analysis, which will convey consumption patterns. This can be displayed in a graph formality or any other choice of your preference.
Detailed Sales pattern reports are inbuilt to provide quick breakdown on sale activity. The reports provide analysis based on day, time, staff and product and are visual.

Back office global

EPOS direct, provides you with a power packed APP, where the APP is now operating via cloud based. As an owner, you could be on the other side of the world still gaining access to the back portal from any location. With the ease of access, you will be able to view reports conveying sales statistics and even inventory reports. In addition, with the capability to alter product attributes such as lowering the price or even setting promotional offers, this will you keep the business running smoothly.
Our cloud based reporting gives you freedom and operational control going beyond time and space. This gives you enough information to make decisions even when you are physically not present in your business premises. You also have access to real-time reports and information on your business.

Stock management

Being a convenience store, it is essential stock is managed and controlled efficiently, in order to keep orders running from both parties, customers and suppliers. Essentially stock levels will be reported if they fall below minimum, thus prompting you to make an order to suppliers. This will keep your stock fresh and much of your budget won’t be tied up in stock. This in the long run, will save you time having to count stock manually, providing your employees time to focus on other delegated tasks.
Our stock management module allows for smooth operations of your company’s supply chain. Alerts give real-time information on stock levels and order management. This results in reduction of wastage and focus on the right products and operations. The end result is a much more positive bottom line.


With many products consisting of barcodes, the sales transaction process can be sped up when inputting customer purchases in to the system. Moreover, this will reduce human error, and any criminal offences such as tag swapping which you may not take notice of.
Barcode scanning is now the preferred mode of data entry in the sales checkout. Product information is more accurate and available live with barcoding.

Electronic Payments

Our EPoS Direct solution accepts all electronic payment methods including credit, debit and loyalty cares which are processed by the transaction engine at high speed. The application uses a set of generic components to verify accounts and payment authorization. The system is designed to accept different schemes, devices and card types.
We have a wide range of payment processing solutions and equipment integrated to our Epos systems. We are also amongst the most preferred solutions provider for multichannel retailers for payment processing.