EPOS for Dry Cleaners

Dry Clean Service Pricing

Pricing up your different services accurately is essential in the dry cleaning industry. There are so many different prices for the various packages on offer so it is important that customers get consistent pricing. Accurate service pricing ensures that you charge appropriately for different items, offer additional services on the counter and ensure transparent, consistent pricing. If a customer’s order consists of various different garments and quantities it is essential that every item is priced correctly, to ensure consistency and repeat business. For example, if an operator processes a 3-piece suit and a separate shirt, the Dry Clean EPoS system will print 4 individual tickets using indelible ink suitable to withstand the cleaning process. Using Dry Clean EPoS system ensures that this process is not only automated but 100% accurate every time a particular service is required. If there are specific marks or tears on any of the garments then these can be recorded onto the system so there is no dispute at the point of sale over whether there was damage beforehand.

Customer Collection and Delivery

Using the Dry Clean EPOS Customer management system makes booking in and monitoring collection and deliveries becomes far easier. After you choosing the service that your customer requires you then enter into the system their contact details, contact number and also a date of collection on the integrated calendar. This ensures that customers always know when to come in and collect their garments and also aids staff in finding out for a particular customer if they call up when their order will be ready. If you already offer or would like to offer an express collection service then this can be selected for a particular order as well. Not only will this level of service appeal to a lot of your potential clients but it’s also a great opportunity to upsell to achieve a greater margin. The Dry Clean EPOS APP even has the capability to send SMS texts to your customers as well to inform them of their collection date and time to ensure that they collect their items promptly. This is especially helpful if you offer a payment on collection service.

Customer loyalty

Customer accounts can be established making it easy to keep track of discounts and offers. Customers can be assigned an account number and issued a loyalty card so as to encourage future visits and promote brand awareness. You can set up multiple pricing levels to loyal customers and even offer credit to larger, more trusted customers.

Management reports

A selection of management reports can be accessed from anywhere remotely and if you’re business has multiple branches a head office module is also available to direct individual branch operations centrally. Reports include your end of day X Reads and Z Resetting, product sales summary to show what has been sold, financial summary per staff member, refunds, promotion table report, total tax report and much more. You will be able to see which out of the services that you provide are your most profitable and popular. All reports can be exported into PDF, Word or Excel for further analysis and important information, such as customer contact details, can be easily extracted. You can quickly find out which customers haven't been in for a while and use that information to win them back, either with a phone call or an SMS text from the system. It's a great resource both for determining how your business is doing and for facilitating marketing to improve your business. You will be able to see where you customers are travelling from so as to ensure a strong customer loyalty in that area or use your Dry Clean EPoS system to help with the marketing of less popular services and get your customers to start using them. The Dry Cleaning EPoS system can be accessed remotely from any location across the globe, free of charge.

EPOS Security

The Dry Cleaning EPoS system can really aid security of your business. Staff ID logins and clock in and out function improve security, reduce shrinkage and provide the business owner with the ability to trace back suspicious transactions. Additionally, different access levels can be set for members of staff so as to restrict certain members from accessing certain areas of the APP. The Epos Direct EPoS system stores a detailed record of all transactions and staff movements on the till, allowing you to report on individual staff members. For example, audit trails are created each time the system is accessed or the till drawer is opened, so you can see exactly what has happened throughout the day, reducing the risk of theft in your business. Meanwhile the clock in/out modules will provide you with the ability to then match the working hours of staff to the times of when the transaction occurred. You can use reports to see differences in till end of day balances or any common stock irregularities. Nothing can be hidden as all till access is logged, you can also see when the till was opened and why. Some of our customers choose to integrate this EPoS system into a CCTV setup to see the transactions as they are processed over the monitor or internet.

Global Support

EPOS Direct offers full EPOS installation, EPOS training and EPOS support services that the best in the industry. With actual showrooms spread throughout the country, our engineers are only a stone throw away from any emergency.

EPOS Installation & EPOS Training

The Dry Clean EPOS System will arrive fully configured with your APP pre-installed, which makes set up on-site very simple – all you need to do it plug it in and power it up. If you would prefer an onsite installation please call us on 08000 336 888 and we can arrange this for you with one of our local showrooms. Once the system has been setup if you have any queries we are available 24/7 to solve issues and answer questions. We are also able to access your system remotely if necessary. If, on the rare occasion, we cannot solve a problem remotely a local engineer will be dispatched to assist you.


The following APP modules can help your EPoS system perform additional processes to further enhance your business.

EPOS Integrated Chip & Pin

Integration of a Verifone terminal to eliminate human error and admin.

Staff login & Cards

Cards that monitor staff access to the till and improve transaction speed.