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The Award winning Charity APP exclusive to EPOS DIRECT

Charity is used by single store charity retailers to regional hospices and high street charity retailers scalable for the multi-lane, multi-site retail operations down to a single lane operation, fully compatible with touch screens or keyboard based pc systems and is one of the most comprehensive in-store solutions with extensive functionality.


  • Improve bottom line through better in store management of stocks and premium areas
  • Increase staff efficiencies and measure productivity
  • Increase sales and customer service through better management of customer demands, seasons and promotional activities
  • Get data on demand through real-time connections between branches and Head Office
  • Realise the potential of high revenues through multi channel retailing
  • Improve compliance and reduce wastage
  • A one single system to manage an entire estate

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epos Charity EPOS APP:

Charity EPOS APP is on demand and top selling Charity store APP for the charity retailers around the globe and UK. Our Charity retail EPOS APP has banged many awards and top reviews from our clients already using. An EPOS System for charity store taps into the specific needs of this unique retail environment. The management of gift aid is integrated to give retailers a simple way to claim gift aid on donated goods and donations. Gift aid then works alongside managing control stock, sales and people within the retail store. With the advancement in the latest technology every Charity retailer needs Charity retail management APP to manage the Charity retail store effectively. For those who are in need of Charity retail management APP for better efficiency, Charity retail EPOS APP is the perfect solution.

Charity retail EPOS APP is suitable and support many business variants in the Charity retail industry. Charity retail point of sale APP can support general Charity retails. Our Charity retail EPOS APP helped out hundreds of business with Charity retail epos solutions.

Features of EPOS APP for Charity retail:

In Store

Gift aid point of sale APP

Charity retailers need to track items from the moment they enter the store, they can keep records of all items that have been donated and sold, and then follow up the sale with the donor. Charity EPOS systems records information, automate a sale and go on to help the charity notify the donor of a sale.


To optimise fund raising earnings on future donations, EPoS systems automatically flag a pre registered gift aid donor as suitable for gift aid on any future donations that they bring into the charity’s stores.

Single barcode

Charity EPOS systems simplify the sales process by developing a single bar code that holds data for both the product and donor. A single label displays the barcode, price and product description. When an item is scanned by the till operator, it automatically processes the gift aid and records the sale.



EPOS offer a multichannel feature that enables charity retailers to sell on multiple levels such as store, online, through mail order, and also link to third party sites.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

In addition to donor information, if customer tracking is also required the system can retain details of customers such as transactions, interests, returns and frequency of purchase.

Best customer management with Charity retail point of sale APP

Stock Control

Single barcode allows charity retailers to improve stock control on donated goods. Products are recorded by department and category which helps charities to monitor sales by store and allocate certain products to the most suitable stores. If they don’t have multiple stores, identify products that have been on the shelf for too long and reduce the price accordingly.


As full product data can be recorded with the help of single barcode, retailers can easily track items in reports that are generated after a sale.

Purchase order processing

Charity stores order products and also take donations the EPOS system offers automated purchase order processing. The system automatically calculates the quantity of product needed and raise orders from suppliers. It can share data with your accounts system.

Easy to use Charity retail EPOS APP:

Charity retail EPOS APP is very easy use and almost every person will be able to operate or use the epos Charity retail sales APP without any complexities. It’s much easier for a person who had experience in operating manual cash register or manual tills. For making a perfect sale all the sales through the Charity retail accounting APP through bar-coded receipts through which you can reduce the thefts, Charity retail EPOS APP can be a great tool for your staff to maintain your store more effectively.

Key Features:

  • Boost fund raising and income
  • Best practice
  • Accuracy
  • More time
  • Control

How the APP can help increase your profit margin:

Here is a list of the 10 ways the EPOS APP can increase your profit margin:

  • Reliability with maintenance
  • Manage stock levels
  • Reduce manual costs
  • Saving time “time is the essence of money”
  • Manage staff timetable
  • Cost of customer acquisition
  • Manager VAT
  • Portable hardware&APP
  • Able to use it worldwide
  • Value for money
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