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The Award winning Convenience & Supermarket APP exclusive to EPOS DIRECT

Convenience & Supermarket is scalable for the multi-lane, multi-site retail operations down to a single lane operation, fully compatible with touch screens or keyboard based pc systems and is one of the most comprehensive in-store solutions with extensive functionality.

Key benefits:

  • Improve bottom line through better in store management of stocks and premium areas.
  • Increase sales and customer service through better management of customer demands, seasons and promotional activities.
  • Increase staff efficiencies and measure productivity
  • Get data on demand through real-time connections between branches and Head Office
  • Realise the potential of high revenues through multi channel retailing
  • Improve compliance and reduce wastage
  • A one single system to manage an entire estate

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EPOS APP is easy to install on any of the Windows system. If you are not happy with the current EPOS APP and looking to have the best EPOS APP within budget and save on paying huge monthly fees, then simply buy this product, install and you can save hundreds.

Epos APP for Convenience & Supermarket businesses of all types:

EPOS APP for Convenience & Supermarket is on demand and top selling Convenience & Supermarket store APP for the Convenience & Supermarket around the globe and UK. EPOS APP is a multi award winning solution and gains top reviews from our clients already using. With the advancement in the latest technology every Convenience & Supermarket needs Convenience & Supermarket management APP to manage their store effectively. For those who are in need of Convenience & Supermarket management APP for better efficiency,EPOS APP for Convenience & Supermarket is the perfect solution.

EPOS APP for Convenience & Supermarket is suitable and support many business variants in the Convenience & Supermarket industry. EPOS APP for Convenience & Supermarket can support general Convenience & Supermarket, groceries, pharmacies, jewellers, plumbing suppliers, builders merchants, electronic goods electrical factors, furniture and all the business that are in to the Convenience & Supermarket. Our EPOS APP for Convenience & Supermarket helped out hundreds of business with Convenience &Supermarket which is the perfect solution.

Features of EPOS APP for Convenience & Supermarket:

EPOS APP indulges with lots of advanced features that help you to run your Convenience & Supermarket business very effectively than ever before. EPOS APP for Convenience & Supermarket can support to low cost single store to a highly sophisticated multi stores in different locations. For promotions of the store you can add customized information, promotional message to the receipt. Keep an eye on the stock like purchase orders, reordering the minimum stocks, make a record of incoming stock and allocating the locations to store them. With Convenience & Supermarket store APP you will be able to run promotions and loyalty to customers.

Easy to use Convenience & Supermarket EPOS APP:

EPOS APP for Convenience & Supermarket is very easy use and almost every person will be able to operate or use the EPOS Convenience & Supermarket sales APP without any complexities. It’s much easier for a person who had experience in operating manual cash register or manual tills. For making a perfect sale all the sales through the Convenience & Supermarket accounting APP through barcoded receipts through which you can reduce the thefts, Convenience & Supermarket EPOS APP can be a great tool for your staff to maintain your store more effectively.

Best customer management with the Convenience & Supermarket point of sale APP:

All the customer details can be maintained in the APP, whether they buy products through online or through the till. Using Convenience & Supermarket EPOS APP it will be easy for you to extract customer details and all the buying information. It’s even easier to add the new customer details to the Convenience & Supermarket accounting APP and easy post code look up to search particular customer details. Through which you will be able to send timely email or send a SMS to your customers.

Key Features:

  • Integrate to any third party APP easily
  • Scalable from a Single POS to Multi POS and across Multi Stores
  • SMS marketing
  • Every day backup system
  • Verification check
  • Employee and delivery management
  • Enhanced monitoring and review of performance.
  • Business intelligence tools focussing on KPIs, Alerts and real time reports.

Additional information:

Electronic Point of Sale (EPOS) APP brings an exceptional service for independent and SME Convenience & Supermarket. It can integrate for multichannel sales, and this can be setup at purchase or at a later date as the company expands The new and intuitive stock control and reports designed by our expert developers from feedback our Convenience & Supermarket ensures that our customers get the best product. These systems ensure that our clients business has the right information so it can order the right quantities of stock at the time.

By using the reporting function Convenience & Supermarket tend to order more frequently to ensure stock is turning over and product lines that are not selling are highlighted so they can be phased out. This is particularly important where you are selling products with an expiry date. Stock management can be done at the ‘Point of Sale’ machine, in the back office or remotely depending on the configuration purchased. Eposdirect has help clients with stock control, accounts, time management and marketing.

How the APP can help increase your profit margin:

Here is a list of the 10 ways the EPOS APP can increase your profit margin:

  • Reliability with maintenance
  • Manage stock levels
  • Reduce manual costs
  • Saving time “time is the essence of money”
  • Manage staff timetable
  • Cost of customer acquisition
  • Manager VAT
  • Portable hardware&APP
  • Able to use it worldwide
  • Value for money

Benefits of EPOS APP:

  • Free for life Training
  • Free Installation
  • No need for internet
  • Supported by UK Support 7 days a week
  • The most cost effective solution whether you are small or large
  • Compatible with almost all hardware and easy to setup

For Large Corporate and Franchise Operations:

EPOS APP is the number one choice for any business looking to change their current app. The EPOS APP is easy to install and setup on any terminal and allows for scaling with no limits.Whether you have multiple stores with multi point of sale, the EPOS APP is the perfect fit with the options to integrate with chip and pin and back office legacy systems.The configuration for third party integration is one of the most rapid in the industry saving you thousands.

Why buy from EPOS Direct?

  • World’s leading supplier with customers in over 23 countries serving small to the very large corporates.
  • Over 20+ Million users worldwide, a new EPOS APP user activated every 3 hours.
  • EPOS APP is ranked 15 in the Global Inventory APP Market.
  • Customer Support Centre fully manned 7 Days and over 80% issues resolved within 30 minutes.
  • Network of branches in UK with Engineers and stocks to support onsite so no customer is left unattended.
  • Over 18 Years of successfully trading with accolades and large brands who choose us as their first choice.
  • Highly Robust and proven technologies that Guarantee to deliver a return on investment.
  • Cloud based and Onsite solutions available based on customer business needs.
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