EPOS Hospitality – Deliveries Management Module

The EPoS Deliveries Module is designed to offer restaurants and takeaway businesses with advanced deliveries management. Through speaking with the best takeaway houses, we have worked closely to deliver a module that manages the delivers and also integrate with any online website.

Below is a summary of the key features and product info:

1) Enter post code / ZIP Code and click View Route, EPoS gives you distance and a mapping route.

2) You also have the option to allocate the delivery to a specified person. This allows you to keep track of the deliveries and the monies being collected. You can also get real-time information once deliveries are complete.

3) If the driver is stuck, then don’t worry either the driver can look up the address on a smartphone or you can guide him. Simply click on the delivery order and you can view the map to the destination with guidance.

Key features and Benefits:

  • Manage your driver’s cash float
  • Timely and efficient deliveries
  • Mapping allows ease of delivery
  • Avoid wastage and losses
  • Know at touch of a button the status of any deliveries
  • Plus much more… take a test drive and see for yourself.