EPOS for Newsagent

EPOS system for Fashion Retailers

Are you stressed out managing too many aspects of your newsagent? Then do not worry, our EPoS solution provides an advanced control and management system making your newsagents at the heart of our EPoS solution. After reading the information below, some of the features this solution provides may come as a surprise. While you as an owner work hard from dawn to dusk ensuring your local community receives their local paper on time, this EPoS system will provide you with that additional need of help.

Our high quality robust touch tills, enable you to set menus that can be costumed to your preferences which can also be managed in the back office. Another benefit brought forward is that the loading of new products or price and barcode changes takes place automatically during the day. Moreover, any sales which have been made are taken back for real time updating of total sales. As EPoS direct we are able to provide you with one of the leading products in the market, which is totally user friendly with a graphical display and fast transaction processing. Our Tills are power packed with the EPOS APP consisting of EPoS tools which will manage your service in an efficient and faster way, with no technical skills needed.

Till features

Main screen

Simple to read layout, consisting of required functions for your newsagent. This layout enables quick operation with less clicks, fast barcode scanning. Additional features such as product images can appear once scanned, allowing quick correspondence to the correct item.

Touch Menus

These can be controlled and managed by the back office, allowing any changes during a day

Price Override

The change in stock or quantity may need to be inputted, where additional requests can be inputted letting the owner know of informed decisions.

Product Search

Don’t worry if your products don’t consist of barcodes or labels! Our EPoS solution will enable you to carry out another search request, with the results conveying as a list. This will enable you to select the product with the ‘touch’ function and carry out additional searches, thus enabling you to check availability of stock

Product Analysis

With so much stock, it is hard to determine which one is selling the best or least. Our solution provides technical product analysis, which will convey consumption patterns. This can be displayed in a graph formality or any other choice of your preference.
-Real time newspaper maintenance
This will give you real time updates, enabling you to manage and control the papers and magazines in your store via the suppliers. As you know the pricing, invoices, reminders and unsold copies that need to be returned or credited must be always looked at and updated.
-Customer account
You can also create customer accounts to specific titles by adding households, hotels or corporations. When deliveries are made on specified days, payments can be allocated thus making it easier for electronic invoicing with reminders being sent by SMS when the account is overdue.
-Delivery reports
As for smaller deliveries, you can create and print labels to be attached onto each publication detailing the delivery instructions. In order to carry out an efficient delivery, this can be enhanced by the integrated map of delivery address on receipt of order and a confirmation will be alerted via SMS that the destination has been reached and delivery has been made. Moreover, your system can alert you when a customer is on holiday and whether a delivery should be frozen, redirected or kept in store for collection.


Under age

Don’t forget items such as alcohol, lotto and cigarettes can only be served on the request of ID and passing the correct age limit. Well, if you think you’re going to forget, our EPoS solutions will simply pop-up with a message to remind you.

Stock management

Being a newsagent, it is essential stock is managed and controlled efficiently, in order to keep orders running from both parties, customers and suppliers. Essentially stock levels will be reported if they fall below minimum, thus prompting you to make an order to suppliers. This will keep your stock fresh and much of your budget won’t be tied up in stock. This in the long run, will save you time having to count stock manually, providing your employees time to focus on other delegated tasks.

Voucher sales

You can also take full as well as part payment through pre-paid vouchers or third party promotional offers. Likewise you can also create and manage your own promotional offers and gift vouchers.

Back Office Global

With the advancements in technology, EPoS has generated a APP which is cloud based. Whilst you are on the other side of the world, you will still be able to access your back office portal from any location. Thus, if you are the one who is always travelling abroad, working from home or even away from the work premises this will be exceptional for you. With the ease of access, you will be able to view all reports such as sales statistics and even inventory levels. In addition, with the capability to alter product attributes such as lowering the price or even setting promotional offers, will enable you to keep the business running smoothly as if you were within the bounds of your back office. Just imagine…, this access from anywhere in the world, with no hassle to be on the business premises, could without a doubt have the business generating a high turnover.

Business Analysis

With many products similar such as chocolates, drinks or magazines, it is hard to determine which individual product is the most popular seller. Our EPoS Giftware APP brings the benefit of having a product analysis. This will convey consumption patterns, which product is brought the most and which is not get many purchases. Due to its user friendly interface, this can be simply analysed by the admin, causing decision making to become easier for your newsagent. Another element , helping your business to reduce unnecessary costs and generate a higher turnover!


A barcode scanner is a significant tool when dealing in the fashion industry. With so many products consisting or barcodes, this will speed up the efficiency when inputting customer products in to the system. In addition, this will reduce any human error and criminal offences such as tag swapping and stealing. I’m sure you don’t want your business facing these issues

Electronic payments

EPoS accepts all electronic payment methods including credit, debit and loyalty cards which are processed by the transaction engine at a high speed. The application uses a set of generic components to verify accounts and payment authorizations. The system is designed to accept different schemes, devices and card types.

Add ons/ Modules
Ecommerce- online store

The ecommerce engine can be fully integrated with EPoS to provide a complete multi-channel operation. The system allows for product and stock controls from in store or head office. EPoS ecommerce accepts all credit card payments and fully integrated with the various card processing schemes. Even when your asleep, payment transactions for the service are made online.

Handheld devices

Ideal for keeping track of inventory levels in stock room

Chip and Pin

Terminal to ensure a quick and efficient transaction

Staff log in & loyalty cards

Tight control of staff access and a much quicker and efficient way for the user to log on

Back office and Head Office

Run reports, accesses your entire gross, sales growth margins and outgoing expenditure.