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  1. Digital Waiter Pad APP

    £299.00 £358.80
  2. Table Service APP / Waiter-pad APP

    £499.00 £598.80
  3. Zebra TC20 Handheld Terminal

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PDA’s, Tablets, Mobile handheld devices

Epos Direct brings you a range of hand held devices, which as a business will be integrated with your system, thus making the processing of orders and stock management much easier.

Our revolutionary hand-held devices we have to offer, have been designed to aid the hospitality sector and the catering industry.  With a user friendly graphical interface, orders can be sent directly to the kitchen via the waiting staff.  Also when orders are made, it will inform you whether there is enough stock in the kitchen. This will avoid disappointment to the customers and inform them immediately. Not only will this save your employees time, but orders can be processed in a timely and logical manner.

As for tablets, this is practical to have the system in the palm of your hands. Elements such as table management, stock control and reports can be seen when on the move. It also enables orders to be made with a user-friendly graphical interface. Also when in the retail industry, it will be practical to corporate with customers, where product images can be shown on a larger portable screen.

Likewise, PDAs and any other handheld devices we provide, make stock management easier. With a simple scanning process, this will record each barcode allocated to individual products. Moreover, if stock falls below minimum this will be highlighted on your system, whereby an order can be made to your suppliers to replenish stock.

3 Key benefits
• Improved customer service - less waiting around
• Faster table turnaround
• Easy up-selling