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Businesses that are looking for bespoke, customised and robust Epos solutions in London need to look no further than Epos London. We provide the most comprehensive range of standalone and integrated Epos systems for a range of customer including retailers, cash and carry and wholesalers, dry cleaners, beauty salons, restaurants, bars, cafes and a range of other businesses in London and throughout the world. Epos systems if implemented correctly can provide greater efficiency, competitive advantage, higher returns and cost savings. Choosing a proven and trusted solutions provider can be the difference between giving your business an advantage or draining your valuable time and money. With Epos London we have delivered Epos systems to thousands of satisfied customers.

Peripherals and Hardware

Our integrated Epos packages include a range of industry leading hardware peripherals which seamlessly integrate to provide a single robust system. From London we provide a range of peripherals/hardware to support your POS terminals. Some of the more popular ones include barcode scanners, electronic cash drawers, and customer display units, range of printers, hand-held terminals, electronic weighing scales and biometric devices

Emperium software

Considered the world’s leading Epos software, Emperium software is developed by a dedicated team based out of London. Evolving the software to meet customer needs and requirements, the Emperium suite is capable of serving a single till store to multi-till multiple branch businesses. The ability to scale operations and functions has been a key differentiator for Emperium Epos amongst its London customers.

Integration Services

Epos London provides a range of integration services to enable businesses to make maximum use of our Epos systems in London. Some of the more popular ones include SAGE Accounts, Symbol link integration with the more popular wholesale distributors, onsite training and installation, caller id/postcode integration. This allows your Epos system to provide a more comprehensive solution that caters to your need.

Buying outright vs Renting/Leasing

Our showroom and office in London showcases a range of Epos solutions that can be purchased outright or rented/leased as per customer requirements. Our renting/leasing Epos packages in London start from £20 per week and is an increasingly popular choice for businesses looking for flexible payment options. Outright purchases of Epos packages range from £1499 and combine the industry leading Epos hardware with our Emperium software.

Popular packages

From London we have a very wide range of Epos packages for our customers. Most of the packages include Cash Drawer, Barcode Scanners, Customer Display Units and Emperium software.

PT 6212 integrated Epos package can be bought for £20 per week or £1499 +VAT outright throughout London. Compact, robust and easy to install and implement
PT 6212 is the best package to kick start businesses without a fuss.
ED – 910 Epos package in London is a sturdier yet aesthetically pleasing system that gives value to the overall business operations. The costs for the ED – 910 system is typically £24.90 per week or £1699 + VAT for outright sale.

The Digipos A300 Epos integrated package provides a fantastically stylish and high performance system that is ideal for the busy business environment of London. It costs £1899 + VAT for outright purchase or £39.90 per week when in instalments.

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