EPOS for Fashion Retailers

EPOS system for Fashion Retailers

Would you like the fashion retail APP, which is designed to cover any requirement specifically for fashion retailers? Well, its just like your customers looking for tailored fitted clothes to fit their exact measurements. EPOS Direct offers the EPOS APP that has been created specifically to your industry. Requirements such as size, style and colour matrixes for raiment could give the opportunity to your fashion business instantly and give a quick stock visibility that can help reduce their stock holding in a low level. Stock visibility can be seen in real time across all locations of your fashion shop, across all branches, across all sites, separately or all together and can help you eliminate missed sale opportunities when your store is not carrying the required garments.

EPOS Direct can be found in hundreds of fashion retailers across the UK, who benefit from partnering with EPOS APP for Fashion. We understand your industry better than anyone else. The Fashion retail EPOS APP also provides a numerous number of other benefits to fashion retailers.

  • -The EPOS system could be work integrated with your e-commerce and mail order or alone to give you information in real time 
  • -Stock control and stock visibility in real time (independent if you have a branch or more)
  • -Extended customers behaviour analysis including deposits, layaways, notes and actions to help you improve your promotion at your existing customers
  • -Loyalty program to have an instant issue of loyalty cards and points redemption
  • -Staff time and Attendance are integral to POS
  • -Integrated accredited for Chip and PIN
  • -back office control management with powerful reporting that can be accessed at any location.
  • -Plus much more

Why is EPOS Direct different to other providers?

EPOS Direct's EPOS APP is flexible and easy to use but one of the main differences is in how we deliver the EPOS system and after sales service. Rather than having the point of sale system loaded locally on hardware in the store, the point of sale hardware accesses EPOS via an internet connection.
An EPOS model brings with it many benefits and advantages:

  • -Continuous access to the latest technology as upload free EPoS APP upgrades
  • -Removes the risks and costs of having extensive internal IT infrastructures for EPoS
  • -Scalable solution that will grow with your business as it is easy deployed across 1 to 2,000 stores
  • -24/7 access to security backup and support services
  • -Virtual Head Office allows data to be accessed anywhere, anytime and in real-time

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If you are a fashion retailer and would like to find out more about the complete EPoS system for fashion retailers that encompasses EPoS APP, POS equipment (including hardware), as well as e-commerce and mail order then contact EPoS Direct.