EPOS for bars and pubs

EPOS system for bar and pubs

EPOS Direct provides you with one of the leading EPOS APP solutions in the market for Bars/Pubs. An all-rounder user-friendly solution, which comes with an integrated graphical display and fast transaction processing. It is vital the EPoS solution remains processing throughout the late night as the business remains opens. However, who would you call if the EPoS system did not go to your favour during that night? Do you know any other suppliers like us offering 24/7 support and back up?

EPoS Tills-Till features

Main screen

Simple to read layout, consisting of required functions for your bar. This layout enables quick operation with less clicks. Additional features such as product images can appear once scanned, allowing quick correspondence to the correct item.

Touch Menus

These can be controlled and managed by the back office, allowing any changes during a day

Price Override

The change in stock or quantity may need to be inputted, where additional requests can be inputted letting the owner know of informed decisions.

Product Search

Don’t worry if your products don’t consist of barcodes or labels! Our EPoS solution will enable you to carry out another search request, with the results conveying as a list. This will enable you to select the product with the ‘touch’ function and carry out additional searches, thus enabling you to check availability of stock

Product Analysis

With so much stock, it is hard to determine which one is selling the best or least. Our solution provides technical product analysis, which will convey consumption patterns. This can be displayed in a graph formality or any other choice of your preference.

EPoS security

The level of security we offer, provides a high level of control over employee’s actions. It will also provide easier analysis of stock control, allowing you as an owner to identify any mis-placed issues. This will prevent, theft of cash or stock and even ‘’loss prevention’-which is the act of giving free or cheap drinks to friends or staff.

Add on

CCTV- View of individual transactions that take place over the till, all at the touch of a button.

Table Management

The EPOS APP brings you the most advanced features, yet still remains user-friendly. The simple ‘drag-and-drop’ function of tables enables you to either join tables together or set them accordingly to your floor plan. This can also be set on multiple floors. The colour co-ordination of tables will also inform you whether the tables are reserved, occupied or vacant, this will make it easier for staff to make informed decisions.

Electronic Payments

Our EPoS Direct solution accepts all electronic payment methods including credit, debit and loyalty cares which are processed by the transaction engine at high speed. The application uses a set of generic components to verify accounts and payment authorization. The system is designed to accept different schemes, devices and card types.

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