Epos for cafes

EPOS system for Fashion Retailers

EPOS Direct provides you with one of the leading APP solutions in the market for Cafes, Which is an all-rounder user-friendly solution, which comes with an integrated graphical display and fast transaction processing. Our Emperium EPOS APP is suited to single lane operations to multi-site operations. As you know, running a cafe can be very busy and at times confusing when dealing with numerous customer orders behind the counter. Therefore, Emperium EPoS reduces the burden and provides a highly reliable, technical and easy to manage APP, which can be used by anyone, without the need of technical experience.

Emperium EPOS solution includes all components which you need to operate and manage your café effectively. This means the receipt printer; cash drawer and the Emperium EPoS café APP will be included. Moreover, there are also add ons such as kitchen printer, kitchen monitor system , biometric reader, staff swipe cards for staff to log in. Likewise, in order to execute sales, there is also a barcode scanner when operating takeaway counters and another ‘caller-ID’ module which will be of use as well as an integrated address look up with maps for telephone orders. Well, the Emperium EPoS solution does not stop there! We are able to integrate your food and drinks menu and provide an onsite installation with the additional needs of training.

Well, if you also offer the service of event catering, Emperium EPoS APP enables to keep track of customer account, invoices as well as statements. This APP has been used by many school catering departments, colleges as well as hospitals. We had found schools find the cashless systems work best for them, where pre-paid accounts can be used which was an efficient and safer options suggested by parents.

The Emperium EPoS solution can also specify certain VAT rates for different items such as food, drink, eat in or takeaways. This will make it practical for your accounts department, as the APP will automatically calculate the correct VAT figure needed, thus providing accurate financial reports.

Till features

Main screen

Simple to read layout, consisting of required functions for your café . This layout enables quick operation with less clicks. Additional features such as product images can appear once scanned, allowing quick correspondence to the correct item.

Touch Menus

These can be controlled and managed by the back office, allowing any changes during a day

Price Override

The change in stock or quantity may need to be inputted, where additional requests can be inputted letting the owner know of informed decisions.

Product Search

Don’t worry if your products don’t consist of barcodes or labels! Our EPoS solution will enable you to carry out another search request, with the results conveying as a list. This will enable you to select the product with the ‘touch’ function and carry out additional searches, thus enabling you to check availability of stock

Product Analysis

With so much stock, it is hard to determine which one is selling the best or least. Our solution provides technical product analysis, which will convey consumption patterns. This can be displayed in a graph formality or any other choice of your preference.


Speed of service

The Emperium EPoS bar APP is fully compatible with staff login cards. This enables staff to be identified to tills or touch keys, where you will be able to keep tight control and management of staff on the tills. Thus, a staff with better performance can be rewarded if you wish or under-performing staff can be an indication of training. Moreover, the clock in and clock out function, will enable you to identify staff working hours, ensuring data for staff payroll is up to date.

Add on-Biometric finger print log in

-This will enable staff to log in using their finger. They will be recognized on any allocated till, and this will speed up the log in process.


With so many payments coming in via cash, it is essential it is controlled and lies are not voided, theft of cash or stock are not taking place. The Emperium EPoS cafe solution will prevent customer data being shared, as credit and personal details will be a high risk. Lastly, at the end of the day the system shall highlight the sales for cash, refunds and any other alteration done to transactions. This should initially correspond to the remaining money left in the till, whereby if it varies, transactions would need to be analysed again to check where the variance has occurred.

Add on- CCTV-This will enable you to overcome your suspicions as it will allow you to view individual footage of transactions taking place over the till.

Electronic Payments

Our EPoS Direct solution accepts all electronic payment methods including credit, debit and loyalty cares which are processed by the transaction engine at high speed. The application uses a set of generic components to verify accounts and payment authorization. The system is designed to accept different schemes, devices and card types.
Add on: Chip and Pin terminal


The generation of reports is another great feature of cafe point of sale APP you will be able to generate timely reports, sales reports, kitchen stock details and reports, employee performance reports and more that you to grow your business. The Emperium EPoS café solution enables you to fully manage and control aspects of your business, where quick changes to the menu can executed on a daily/monthly/ yearly basis.

Table Management

In some circumstances I am sure you have had a larger party then what the reservation was booked for? Well, the Emperium EPoS cafe APP enables you to execute these changes. The Emperium EPOS APP brings you the most advanced features, yet still remains user-friendly. The simple ‘drag-and-drop’ function of tables enables you to either join tables together or set them accordingly to your floor plan. This can also be set on multiple floors. The colour co-ordination of tables will also inform you whether the tables are reserved, occupied or vacant, this will make it easier for staff to make informed decisions.

Add on: Wireless Handheld EPoS terminals- These handheld devices may be practical for your staff when taking orders at the table, as the order can be sent directly to the kitchen staff. This will make it easier for wait staff to come for collection, whilst food orders can be sent directly to the designated kitchen areas