Free chip and pin solution

Get your hands on the FREE Integrated CHIP and Pin Solution in partnership with VeriFone.

Simple and easy to deploy, all you require is the world’s favourite EPOS APP and you can start taking credit card payments using VeriFone payment processing service

What do I get?

We provide you with the VeriFone Terminal all configured and ready to go, you have a choice of standard chip and pin pad or a contactless pad. This is recommended for those with majority transactions being less the n £20.

How does it work?

The integrated Chip and Pin solution is the fastest way to process card transactions and maintain accuracy. Here is a typical scenario –
a)    Customer shopping is scanned and you click on pay button.
b)    Customer chooses to pay by card
c)    You click card
d)    The pin pad will ask customer to insert card
e)    The pin pad asks for pin number
f)     The pin pad connects to the card authorisation service and authorises or declines.
g)    If the card is authorised the receipt prints and the transaction is complete and it is self-reconciled on the till.
h)   If the card is declined the receipt doesn’t print, the declined messages is displayed to the cashier to ask for alternative payment.

What are the benefits?

You save on extra analogue telephone lines as with conventional card terminals. The service is much faster as it doesn’t have to dial through the analogue connections You are sure to maintain accuracy, you now longer have the scenario of the staff member entering wrong figure on the card terminal or customers walking away with declined transactions. Your end of day reconciliations is easy as the system does it all for you Settlement of the transaction is pretty much the same as you experience now.

So overall – You SAVE ££££

To take up the offer simply call our EPOS Direct hotline now: 08000 336 888
Or request a call back.