Epos Systems, Garden Centers and Nurseries

Garden Centers and Nurseries

Being a garden center or nursery, much of your business is seasonal. Our EPoS system will enable you to witness your profits escalate, using the features of product promotion and waste management. As you know, your garden Centre needs to be in stock of fast sellers and clear the stock of slow sellers before the seasonal period ends. Our EPoS solution enables you to execute sales, provide easy promotions and observe sales statistics, thus enhancing buying and reducing stock.

EPOS Tills systems

At Epos Direct we have perfected the art of integrating the best of breed hardware terminals with popular APP applications including our own suite. Our solutions are developed to ensure value and enhanced productivity to businesses regardless of their size. One of the major advantages in integrating terminals such as barcode scanners, payment processing machines and mobile terminals is that they allow for greater flexibility in operations and save enormous time and resources in operations. The bottom line results are therefore see an obvious improvement.

Till features

Sales screen

Our user friendly environment gives you a smooth interface. epos functions for garden centre designed to make your life easy. The quicker barcode scanning on uk market. Additional information provided for each product just for one scanned like notes, images and many more. Also item correspondence allowed it. By integrating hardware terminals such as barcode scanners into your Epos system, Product information is available real time and live in your sales screen. Product information include price, quantity in stock, special offers etc. are usually available once scanned.

Touch Menus

All touch menus might controlled very easily from the back office at any time during the day allowing any change as simple as that. Touch screen menu control provides an interface that is user friendly and aesthetically pleasing to the eye. The admin module of the suite enables management to edit, modify, delete or access data according to their roles.

Override Pricing

Stock and quantity always help you garden center to make profitable and right decision. Any change in your stock or your quantity showing to help you to have better view of your business at the time being. Inbuilt customer loyalty and special offer modules allow for overriding of prices at the checkout. Total quantity available and sold is shown on screen and this provides real time snapshot of the business and its activity.

Search your products

Our Epos solution with the smart search tool can help your business to find the product that you looking for very quick and with fewer clicks. We know that time is money so we design a research tool user friendly. Stop worry if your barcode scanner doesn’t recognise your program we have another opthion. With thousands of products in your system it is imperative that you can access and search for records in quick time. Even if there is a breakdown in your terminals such as barcode scanner our APP has quick access search modules that will access product and other information fast.

Analysis of products and performance

Plenty of products in your gardens centre and big number of stock. It’s difficult to decide what the best item to sell is or witch of them is the most profitable. Our epos APP provide numerous of reports and product analysis to help you make the right decision. Friendly and easy to read grafts and chart provide you the answers that you need. EPOS APP has inbuilt reports that provide incisive business intelligence reports. This gives you’re the necessary metric in relation to the most popular products and customer behaviour pattern. This gives you the right information to plan and implement your operations.

Stock management

Being a garden center, it is essential stock is managed and controlled efficiently, in order to keep orders running from both parties, customers and suppliers. Essentially stock levels will be reported if they fall below minimum, thus prompting you to make an order to suppliers. This will keep your stock fresh and much of your budget won’t be tied up in stock. This in the long run, will save you time having to count stock manually, providing your employees time to focus on other delegated tasks.


With many products consisting of barcodes, the sales transaction process can be sped up when inputting customer purchases in to the system. Moreover, this will reduce human error, and any criminal offences such as tag swapping which you may not take notice of.

Electronic Payments

By implementing our payment processing solutions, businesses can serve a wider market quicker. Epos Direct provides a comprehensive range of industry recognized payment solutions that are secure, safe and cost effective.

Main Serving Screen

An ergonically designed layout allows for quick operator serving as well as fast barcode scanning without having to press lots of function buttons