EPOS system for Pharmacy

Chemist and Druggist EPOS

If you run a chemist pharmacy, EPOS direct offer stock control and better sales management. EPOS features and benefits that you could take advantage of for your pharmacy, is our strong APP which could help you manage your customer’s healthcare products. Nowadays it’s necessary to invest in an Electronic Point of Sale (EPOS) system. Features such as C & D updates, smart stock, automated ordering and even robotic dispensers could drive your pharmacy business to save time and money. Moreover it will prevent human errors, thus making it easier to organise yourself.


Our Chemist EPOS system is a pharmacy’s own rescue remedy; whether you manage an independent or a group of pharmacies, you will see many advantages. The system could have access from a specific branch or through a head office and integrated online, with your existing systems such as accounting and warehousing EPOS APP. Your employees do not need to be experienced with technology, as the systems are really simple for all users and they have flexible APP and hardware capability to suit each individual pharmacy’s requirements. They also come complete with installation and our support services from our friendly customer service. EPOS is designed to improve your business forward through central organisation, whilst our EPOS systems enable the smooth running of daily operations and hot keys index for future planning. As from when the system is activated, it will be working towards driving up profit margins, reducing costs, improving stock control and management, increasing numerous customer spend and generally raising efficiency of all staff members and the overall Pharmacy. However, it’s not just your business that benefits using an EPOS system, it will enable you to enhance customer service and provides better support for the local community about your health products.