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EPOS direct supply industry leading POS Till Systems for retail across many different retailers. See the opportunities for your business!
One of the most important aspects of any user of POS Till System is that all retail employees should be able to use it without thinking. The EPOS Direct till will be familiar with anyone who has ever operated a cash register at the point of sale, because the layout is based on a most popular design of cash register it will be familiar to even the most entry level computer users working in your store. So while you know that you and your staff can use the till easily and happily, you will be getting state-of-the-art EPOS functionality that can help you stay in complete management control of your shop and website operations in one simple system like the EPOS system from EPOS Direct.

As an independent retailer, the EPOS Direct system is designed especially for you, to cover every need that you have or you are going to have in the near future. You'll find our POS Till System so easy to use yet powerful with most functions being performed with less clicks which is impossible to do for every activity at the EPOS APP.

Number of functions with point of sale

With our POS till tools you can now control back orders, manage all your deposits as well as check on the availability of stock in any location of choice as well as proceed bar-coded receipts to avoid chances of break in your system

What's more, our POS Till System is high secure and completly productive. Every transaction gets recorded in the system that means you can entrust your staff to provide change to customers, cash up as well as take gift receipts. Making your EPOS system business free from any chances of fraud. On our site, you can find more information about EPOS APP for retail beginners.

EPOS Direct system reports

Do you think you have lack of control over your business? Are you wondering where your retail business is headed? Do you have too much unorganised data, that just don't make sense to you? If so, you can use EPOS Direct reports in our EPOS system that can help you make intelligent and progressively business decisions.

Our reports combine comprehensive information for your database to give you easy to read graphical interpretations of this data in a friendly environment. As for analysing your database (like sales customer preferences, why certain products aren't doing so well, etc,) as better feedback you are going to have to improve and extent your business. Our POS Till System can help your company make informed and strategic decisions.

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If you want to increase you customers based of your interested offers and create a buzz about your company name you'll find our EPOS system very useful. EPoS being a multi channel system, it allows your business to run promotional campaigns across diverse channels.

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So if you are interested to reduce your costs in your retail business, if you want to improve your reliability and make the business easier to manage, if you want to increase your customers, then we can help.

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