What is EPOS?

Introduction to EPoS Systems

Still using an ordinary till? Well, if you are, it’s time for you to move towards EPoS systems. Yes!, you may be thinking they do the basics such as handling calculations involved in sales transactions and being able to issue receipts. However there are a lot more functions that will help to manage and control your business in a much more efficient and effective way. The fast payment transactions can be integrated with any credit card payment systems, whilst keeping track of customer reports, stock levels, sales transactions, employee performance, product analysis and much more… Not only will this save your employees time, but it will highlight the strengths as well as weaknesses of your business.

Case study- Advantages overview

If you were to place an EPoS system in a retail business, this will bring many features as mentioned below:
Stock management- Be alerted automatically if stock level falls below minimum or if there is any of the same stock in another branch.
Product analysis- Inform you on which product sells the most and least during different periods of the year.
Customer reports- regular customers and their purchases with loyalty cards
Staff performance- Biometric or log in cards which can manage their sales made.
Marketing- Set promotions which can be simply clicked on and the total sales automatically calculated.
Keys- less clicks to execute transactions
Payment- Integrates directly with any credit card payment system.
Speed- Saves employees’ manual labour time such as stock counting, managing invoices, deliveries and faster payment transactions.

How EPoS works?

The EPoS bundle comes with the worlds leading Emperium EPOS APP, computer hardware and peripherals. The EPoS APP is customised with specifications to the type of business itself and its environment. Whilst the APP manages your sales, stock levels, pricing, taxes and CRM, this enables you and cashiers to concentrate on providing and improved customer experience.

What is the EPoS Hardware?

The EPoS solution comes with a PC and a VDU (visual display unit) such as a touch screen monitor. Where by , add ons such as a barcode scanner, thermal receipt printer, credit card terminals can be integrated in to the system.
EPoS hardware peripherals
Chip and Pin
Cash draws
Customer Displays
Mobile PDAs
Weighing scales


Epos Direct is here to offer you the world’s leading APP solutions for 12 years working well for various businesses in Hospitality, Retail, Fashion, Cash and Carry, Beauty saloons & Spa, Dry cleaning and much more industries. Our Emperium EPoS APP enables you to carry out processes in a much more efficient and effective way. It brings the benefits such as stock management, accounts, sales, table management, staff performance and generating highly interactive report through a user friendly interface. This APP is compatible with a windows based PC, tablet and any other touch screen EPoS systems. In addition, it is compatible with traditional input devices such as barcode scanners, keyboards and many more

Do you know any other service providing free training as well as 24/7 customer support? Well, we offer this around the clock service to ensure your business is operating smoothly and your employees feel valued and confident working within their environment. With our technical team working for 16 years, we believe know one understands your business better than we do. Our advanced APP brings you the requirements you need and our sophisticated APP can also be customised to the individual user’s preferences.

As you know, running a business can be very busy and at times confusing when dealing with numerous customer orders. Therefore, Emperium EPoS reduces the burden and provides a highly reliable, technical and easy to manage APP, which can be used by anyone, without the need of technical experience. The Emperium EPoS solution includes all components which you need to operate and manage your business effectively. This means the receipt printer; cash drawer and the Emperium EPoS APP will be included. Moreover, there are also add ons such as kitchen printer, kitchen monitor system , biometric reader, staff swipe cards for staff to log in.

Likewise, in order to execute sales, there is also a barcode scanner and ‘caller-ID’ module which will be of use as well as an integrated address look up with maps for telephone orders. Well, the Emperium EPoS solution does not stop there!

We are most brought , used, highly rated global EPoS solution.

Our portfolio of EPOS APP includes

Retail EPOS APP –pharmacies, convenience stores, supermarkets, Gift & Floral shops, all type of small retail shops etc.
Hospitality EPOS APP - restaurant, bar, fast-food takeaway, night club, and café’s etc.
Beauty saloon and Spa EPOS APP –beauty and hair professionals;
Dry Cleaning EPOS APP - dry cleaners and laundry.
Cash & carry EPOS APP - wholesalers and other C&C business models.
Fashion EPOS APP - boutiques and other fashion stores.

EPoS System

EPoS direct does not only provide you with the APP, we also provide EPoS systems that are robust, reliable, accurate and essential when operating your business. These tills will enable you to save time as well as money, by offering improved stock management, cash management, sales management and banking. Our Epos till systems are suitable for any environment such as fashion, retail, newsagents, lifestyle sectors, restaurant & bars, wholesales, beauty salons and much more. If your not sure what type of system is right for, we will go through the selection process. These systems have been highly rated for its usability and its award winning integrated favourite Emperium EPoS APP.

Our EPoS systems will enable you to analyse your back office report, inventory levels and congregate all this together for you. If you are small or start-up business, then don’t worry! As EPoS Direct we have created several cheap epos and retail point of sale APP and APP solutions at affordable prices. In addition, our epos terminals can be fully integrated with other peripherals such as barcode scanner, receipt printer and cash drawer, chip & pin device, label printer, and much more…

Epos systems at Epos Direct are:

- Designed for durability, helping to increase and generate a sales turnover
- Wide-ranging management features.
- provide excellent functionality which is user friendly and flexible to use in terms of operation. - Comes with customisable Emperium EPOS APP that is critically acclaimed and widely implemented.

Epos direct also provides following once you buy Epos system.

- Free installation of Epos Systems at your point of sale.
- Free training by Epos experts to the users.
- 24/7 customer support.