Epos for Retail

Stay on top of the competition

Retail EPOS system is essential component in the success of any retail business.
It acts as a tool to manage your stock, staff, sales data and payments and grow your store.

Convenience & Supermarket

Fashion & Footwear

Beauty Salon & Spa

Dry Cleaners

Manage & Grow your business in a smart way…

Grocery, Convenience, Vape, Clothing, Gift shop and more
  • Go Live in minutes
  • Seamless integration with E-Commerce, Click & Collect
  • Easily identify top selling and least selling products
  • Real time stock counts with automatic updates
  • Integrate your choice of payment partner

Build your online store

Make your presence online. Integrate with E-Commerce websites to increase sales, while remaining in sync with your in-store customers.

Real-time reporting

Get real time data with reporting feature to make informed decisions. View sales, products, and staff performance at the touch of a button.

Know best selling, and least selling products

Never waste time in stock takes, manage your online and in-store inventory easily from a single EPOS system.

Multiple payment flexibility

We are partnered with every major payment provider to provide our customers choose the right one for their business.

Loyalty program

Know your customer habits, what they like, and how they shop, your own customer base can build loyalty and rewards programmes for repeat business.