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Integrating industry leading applications with Emperuim

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  1. Emperium Annual Support Subscription

    Emperium Annual Support Subscription

    Emperium Software Support - Annual Subscription

    Get the best support from our highly experience tech support staff.

    90% Resolution on first call

    10% Usually hardware related and for which the support desk aim to provide a replacement or repair.

    Free Upgrades

    All maintenance of Emperium Solution included

    Pay Monthy or Annually

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    Excl. VAT: £420.00 Incl. VAT: £504.00

  2. Remote Assistance – Hardware Setup & Training

    Remote Assistance – Hardware Setup & Training

    Our Technical team offers remote assistance to set up the products & services you have purchased from us and along with individualised one to one remote training on our APP products. The visually navigated training approach, along with hands on learning approach, delivers a quick and easy learning experience at your convenience.
    · Individualised, one -to - one training · Training at your convenience & availability* · Hands on learning approach · Cost effective Requirements: Good internet connection to Epos system *Advance booking required and subject to trainer’s availability. Trainings are provided Monday to Friday 10am -5pm. Learn More
    Excl. VAT: £99.00 Incl. VAT: £118.80

  3. Postcode Integration

    Postcode Integration ( Address Verification )

    Postcode Integration

    Add Postcode Integration to your Emperium Solution to ensure that you have verified and captured the correct address details in your Epos system and E-commerce solutions. Post code Integration improves the speed of data entry and reduces the queue time over the phone of service desks.


    • Reduced data entry errors
    • Cost saving – Avoid deliveries / post to wrong addresses
    • Better customer experience
    • Helps in improving your marketing  


    All you need is a PC with internet connection , Emperium Postocode Integration module and Postcode credits.

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    Regular Price: £359.99

    Now only: Excl. VAT: £250.00 Incl. VAT: £300.00

  4. SMS Marketing

    SMS Integration

    SMS marketing module allows you to send your promotions, timely offers, weekly specials and other enticing deals via text messages to your customers with only few clicks from your PC. SMS Marketing is one of the reliable and proven marketing method guaranteed to give return on your investment.

    Benefits of SMS Marketing:

    Text Messages are Instant

    Text messages rarely goes unseen or unread

    Text messages gives a personal touch

    Text messages are affordable


    All you need is a PC with internet connection , Emperium SMS Marketing module and SMS credits.


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    Regular Price: £359.99

    Now only: Excl. VAT: £250.00 Incl. VAT: £300.00

  5. Caller ID integration

    Caller ID integration

    With our caller ID integration you have your customers’ details in front when you receive a call. This gives you a head start in dealing with the issues in a quicker and more direct manner. Caller ID recoginisation speeds up the order taking process and eliminates wastage and order related errors. Caller ID Feature helps in identifying regular and high spending customers, improving overall customer services and increase customer loyalty.

    Caller ID rocoginisation is an essential requirement for modern restaurants and takeaways and gives greater return on the investment. All your competitors have it in place and don’t be left behind.  Small Investment - Graeter Return

    • Improve Customer Service
    • Increase speed and staff efficiency
    • Reduce Order Related Errors & Wastage
    • Know your regular customers
    • Improve Customer Loyalty
    • Small Investment, Greater Return


    For FREE Advice call our EPOS Consultants: 02030561898

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    Regular Price: £359.99

    Now only: Excl. VAT: £250.00 Incl. VAT: £300.00

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Epos Direct offers the best services & modules. It can be easily integrated with the industry leading applications. The services include on suit engineering, integrations with the accounting softwares, remote assistance for hardware set up and training.

Epos Direct – Best in the industry

Epos Direct is proud to offer the best services that offers substantial cost savings, as well as achieving significant competitive advantages in the form of faster marketing time, and a higher level of customer satisfaction.

Epos Direct till systems are fully compatible with touchscreen PCs/Tablets and with traditional input devices. Epos Direct provides free training to the business staffs and a 24/7 customer support for a smoother service to our customers. Our experts have worked day and night for over 19 years to understand each businesses requirement. Our customized services to an individual level to suit any user’s preferences.

Our portfolio of EPOS Direct includes

EPOS Direct standards are of enterprise and are available to small businesses as well as expanding businesses at an affordable price. If you wish to try our services don’t hesitate all you have to is contact us, our team are always here providing support.